Saturday, March 12, 2011

19 weeks: Mangos and Peanuts

So it's not so much that I was worried lately as that I was. . . well, wondering.

Wondering why I couldn't feel Peanut. Because at this point with Bjorn I had gained almost twice as much weight and was still feeling him kick and roll. (Which, if you know my kid, should not surprise you. He just.plain.doesn't.stop.)

So I was kinda wondering what was going on. Wondering to the point that I googled "19 weeks have not felt baby kick" and actually read What to Expect when Expecting to gain a little perspective. But not so wondering that I took my XRay Tech cousin up on the offer to "jump on in and see the Peanut really quick" at her hospital and not so wondering that I called up my Doc. Just kinda wondering.

And worried. Just a little.

I had my 19 week appt yesterday and that was pretty much the first question out of my mouth.

"Well, that's normal." says Doc, as he blows up a latex glove to occupy my (aforementioned) active almost 2 year old. "You are still in the normal range to feel it for a few weeks from now. AND. . . .you're thinking of feeling Peanut like you felt Bjorn in the third trimester. You're thinking kicks and punches and shots to the lung. Think flutters and flips and maybe a little nudge."

Ohhhhh. . . yeah. I guess I have been feeling that. Huh. I forgot that it starts out nice and sweet. Like a nudge from The Hubs when I fall asleep in church. I have totally felt that.

All in all, Peanut is good.

Two arms, two legs. One skull with a brain inside. A bladder. A stomach. Arm bones and thigh bones. And, yes, one beating heart. 141.

But no hamburger or hot dog. We shut our eyes during some of the measurements (and almost fell asleep in the darkened Ultrasound room) and didn't see what we probably could have. And even if I had opened my eyes just because I couldn't resist, there is no way I could know what I was looking at. How anyone can decipher a baby from those things are beyond me!!

Peanut is 10 oz. Measuring right on schedule.

I did buy a Mango this week, as Peanut is now the size and weight of a large mango (and they were on super sale for 75 cents. Woo hoo!!) so I could take another fruit and belly pic. But my camera broke. I didn't buy a new one yet. (Cheap ass!) And The Hubs keeps forgetting his camera at work. So, here ya go. No belly but I do have a . . .

Picture of a Mango.


Mommy This and That said...

Glad things are going well!! and you guys are so strong-willed to not want to know is your little mango is a boy or a girl!

KLZ said...

Oh, that is a good reminder for when I get pregnant again. Flutters. Not a two year old kicking me in the guts.