Thursday, February 3, 2011

VDay Memories

I don't like Valentines Day. (There. I said it. Do I get my girl card taken away?)

I think at one point I did like it. That point where you still get little Smurfette and Garfield cards from everyone in your class and you and your friends pour over the ones from the boys, wondering what "Have a Great Valentines Day" really means when he writes it.

I liked Valentines then. Before I got sucked into the high-priced dinners where I am uncomfortably dressed, can't eat any of the "selected" Valentines Day entrees (c'mon, restaurants - add more than just one vegetarian meal!) and receive yet another singing gorilla and mushy card.

I'm not a mushy person.

I think I even liked Valentines in college, when the Hubs and I were dating, and broke. It seems more real, less Hallmark-y and sappy when you're broke and spending the day together because, yes, it is expected, but also because you want to. The first year together we (Oh, let's be honest. I don't cook. He) made dinner in my teeny little apartment, my roommate sneaking in every once in a while to taste the cooking. We wound up giving each other the exact same thing that year - a CD of "our songs". (The 2000's equivalent of a mixed tape!)

My idea of a good Valentines Dinner

And I liked those Valentines memories. All the Valentines Days I remember are the ones where we did nothing at all. Cooked at home, maybe watched a movie, hung out together. And, really, isn't that what Valentines Day is all about? Spending time with the person you care most about?

It has nothing to do with jewelry or pricey dinners. It doesn't mean vacations or red, red roses. Valentines is a Hallmark Holiday that we, the consumer, have blown into this big fancy deal. And, yes, I know I am cynical. Whatever.

This year will mark the first year we are actually going somewhere for VDay. It just so happens that BB King is playing a concert on Feb 13th, and since I will be whisked away to work on an airplane the morning of the 14th, and since the King is one of my Hubs' favorite artists, we got tickets. And a baby-sitter. And maybe dinner out? (Or maybe not. The concert is at a casino and without the babe to keep us away from slot machines, I might be skipping dinner in favor of nickel slots.)

I don't really consider this a VDay date, though, being as we would have gone to the show anyways, regardless of date. Our normal VDay date of pizza, beer and movies has to be forgotten because of work, and I'm a little disappointed. I like a low key, relaxed dinner. I'm a pizza and action movie kind of girl. This year, I guess we will just have to do with some slow jazz and some sweet slots.

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mrs.trent said...

That's my kind of VDay! I'm a little on the cynical side, too. I don't think there's only one day a year that we should care for someone. Great post!

Visiting from Mama Kat's...

SnipeWife said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's... pizza for Valentine's--my kind of Valentine's!

- A said...

I am a part of the anti-Valentine's Day contingent. I think I was like that prior to my divorce. Maybe I just never saw the point of it. I've had a handful of good Valentine's days, but the rest of all been me, single, pissing and moaning about it. This year, I'm taking February 14th back. I will find a celebrity born on that day that I appreciate and honor them on that day. Eat it, St. Valentine.

Minivan Mama said...

Yep, v-day is over-rated. I might be a little jaded since my husband's work takes him away every single v-day and leaves me all alone to eat pizza and drink wine all by myself. Yeah, not my thing. ; )

SoMo Mom said...

Amen, sista! LOVE the pizza idea. I have a few (unique) ideas you may like over on my site at the post "A salute to ESPN, gym socks & Fantasy Football"

Found you from Mama Kats workshop btw!

Mommy This and That said...

I think VD really is about just being together and enjoying the time. The only time I wanted flowers was when I worked in an office. Now? I am happy with a box of chocolates and a movie in bed with the Hubbs!