Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been thinking alot lately about what I want out of life. Not my Bucket List sort of wants exactly, but more specifically in terms of career and life goals.

I want to lose twenty pounds. But I'm pregnant, so I'm not even touching this one for a good year. At least. And I have come to realize that losing weight should not be a life goal for me. It's just something that is there.

Mainly, I want to write. What? I don't know exactly. That may be what is stopping me. Or maybe I just think I want to write, when really I just want to talk about wanting to write. Because that is all that has been happening. I need to take a page from Toby Keith and have a little less talk & alot more action. But I know I am not happy staying as I am currently, in what is a great job, but lacks any kind of onward and upward movement.

I scanned an article the other day about authors who are now bypassing the traditional way of publishing in lieu of self-publishing for Kindle and Nook and other electronic readers. In this way, they forgo publishing costs that would have to come out of pocket and can sell their books for relative pennies, which, to cheapasses like me, mean that I will buy them.

Like Amanda Hocking's Trylle Trilogy.  I never thought I was into trolls and goblins and magic (I didn't read Harry Potter and Twilight) but I loved this series. I think the first book in the series was offered as a free book for a limited time. And, since the Kindle version was only $2.99 or less per book, I bought the other two. Three books for less than $6. Not a bad deal.

I didn't know anything about Amanda Hocking, but after looking at her blog, I found that she is only 26 years old and now has her books on the USA Today list of top 150 best selling ebooks. Pretty impressive, eh? If I was her, first thing I would do when I heard the news was would be to pick out the dress to wear on The View and Regis & Kelly when they called for my interview. But she kept writing. Maybe that's what real writers do? Write?!

While the books don't cost very much for readers, and the profit is less than may have been from the same amount of people buying paper books, that is still a whole lot of change in her pocket. And her books are published and loved. Can you ask for much more than that?

She has inspired me. As has Amber, who spent last NaNoWriMo pouring over her story, 300 words a day, until it came to life on paper. (Or on a blinking computer screen. Whatever. You know what I mean.)

It has taken a while to inspire me, but inspire me it has. I don't know what it is, but I woke up this morning thinking, "I am going to do it." Like the guy who decides one day to quit smoking cold turkey. Just stops. And it works. Because sometimes in life it is all about the right timing and the right motivation and drive.

So let's do it. Let's plan to do something together. whatever it is that you have been wanting to do with your life. Now may be the time to do it! We can motivate each other - I will write 200-300 words a day. You will <<insert life goal here>> and together we will keep each other sane and on track. Which doesn't mean we dont' fall off the wagon, it just means we give each other a hand to get back on.

So what is it you want to do?


Mommy This and That said...

Like you, I want to write!! Doing post over @ has be at least blog writing weekly. But I want to do more fiction...god, I use to love creating characters and telling a story. 300 words a day sounds so to find the time!!

Merlina said...

Hey =)

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know you've got a new fan/reader. I have been reading your blog for weeks now... and even though I have not made it yet to your latest updates (although I know you are pregnant again, CONGRATS!) I have made it all the way through September 2010... and will continue reading, because there is nothing here to be missed.

I must confess I got here by following the weird reference to your blog on Uma Thurman's movie Motherhood... and it has exceeded all my expectations! you even inspired me to start blogging again, after YEARS of not posting a word.

I posted a quick tutorial on rotating pictures, btw... maybe you already figured out how to do that on your own (I am a bit behind on my reading, he) but just in case... I thought it may come in handy.

THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME I AM NOT CRAZY and above all, I am not alone!

Your new & faithful reader...