Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ask God

It seems that every day Bjorn is learning something new.

Earlier this football season, we taught him to throw his hands in the arm and yell 'Touchdown!' and just this past Sunday he learned how to wave a Terrible Towel.

And the cutest Steelers fan was born.

Before we leave the house each day, I gather up all the necessities for going anywhere with the kid.

While I'm searching for sippy cups and jackets, I try to prep him for leaving. 'Do you have your snacks?' 'Uh huh.' 'Your shoes?' ' Uh huh.' And then when I have it all gathered, I say 'Ready?' 'Ready!' he says 'Let'sgo!'

But my absolute favorite new phrases involve his manners. (Which, even the gymnastics instructor from the class from hell commented on. 'Oh, he has such great manners!' For a kid who can't sit still, she meant to add!)

Instead of merely saying 'Thank you', he yells it. 'THANKYOUUUUU' he shouts, as if it is all one word. We don't even prompt him into saying it anymore. When he gets snacks, 'THANKYOUUUU', when he gets dinner, 'THANKYOUUUU', when he gets a new diaper 'THANKYOUUUU'. Sooo cute.

And he knows how cute and irresistible he is. 'Bite?' he will ask, wanting some of my cereal/yogurt/yummy goodness. 'Peeeeease?' he arches his neck all the way, leans his head back and looks up at the ceiling, as if he is not asking me or the Hubs or whoever has the food. He looks straight up at God to ask. 'Peeeeease?'

It is so cute, he gets a bite out of pretty much whatever he wants to take a bite out of. And now, instead of saying 'What do you say?' to get a 'Peas' out of him, I throw in the occasional 'Ask God.' And he looks straight up, eyes to the ceiling.  'Peassssse?'

And God delivers.

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Mommy This and That said...

That is too adorable! Peeese...I love it!!