Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Town of Babble

We are driving across town to the awesomest restaurant ever (and the only one we ever take out-of-town- guests to). Hubs is driving, I'm in the passenger seat and Bjorn is in the middle of the backseat flanked by his grandparents.

"Ball." Bjorn says insistently, pointing ahead. "Ball. Ball."

I look ahead and see some of those huge balloons that fly above the local car dealership.

"That's right. They do look like balls." I turn around to reply to him. "But those are balloons. Balloons are the same shape as balls, but balloons are bigger and float in the air."

He nods, taking it all in.

"Do you always talk to him like that?" My Dad asks.

"You mean do I always explain stuff to him? I try to." I turn back around, confident that he is thinking what an intelligent grandson his daughter is raising, who will be able to describe the difference between a ball and balloon by age 2.

"Ohhh." My Dad says. "That's why Bjorn babbles so much. It's because you babble so much."


Baby Mama said...

hahahaha!!! Classic

Smartash said...

hahahaha. I like this one. and P.S. - I was flying from Houston to OKC Monday night, flipping through the skymall magazine... and guess who I saw in a Southwest Airlines ad?? :) Good lord, please tell me that was you and not a bad side affect of my bloody mary

Me Too said...

Yup, that was me! You mean you recognized me? I'm soooo famous!

Lise said...

Get out. I LOVE Chino! I actually drove ALLLL the way across town to eat there the day before yesterday. By myself. (Well, with a toddler in tow.) It's just that good.

Mommy This and That said...

That's too funny! But I think I would have still been offended...especially since I rarely babble! ;-)

John, Becky and Olivia said...

That's awesome. Gotta love dads. And I still haven't been to that place even though John and I talk about going all the time.