Sunday, January 9, 2011

Still talking Christmas. . . .

I feel a little silly writing about Christmas when all the bloggers I know are already talking Martin Luther King Day and Valentines Crafts, but my Christmas break was looooong, people. LONG.  (So long that I went back to work only two days ago and I needed a bit of a refresher. "Excuse me, sir, can you tell me where the emergency exits are?")

So I have alot to tell. Expect Christmas posts until Easter.

Lucky for me, I have a job that allows me to be as flexible with my working as I need to be. December 21st was my last day of working for 2010.

Even luckier for me, I have job that gives me great perks. Like free standby flights and free tickets to Sea World.

Yeah, you heard me. Free tickets to Sea World. You're jealous, I know.

These free tickets last as many times as you want to use them for a year. We got them last March. I've been holding off, making excuses to friends as to why I can't go to Sea World (Bjorn wouldn't really get it yet, I have to work, etc) when really my entire reasoning is that I want The Hubs to be there to experience Bjorn's first Sea World trip.

So, Christmas, when The Hubs was off (and my parents are in town!) would be the perfect idea, right?!

Except I forgot that people TRAVEL over Christmas. Specifically, the Monday after Christmas. The day we decided to go. Which means flights - no matter how empty they look the night before - tend to fill up last minute. Oops.

We got to San Diego fairly easily. And thus the adventure begins!!

Hunting for Polar Bears


You should have seen the one that got away!


The penguins were one of the coolest exhibits there. Get it?! Coolest? Ha!


Sea World was fun. Exciting. Exhausting. Worth every penny. (And, BTW, WHAT recession? Those tickets cost $69 a piece and there were a million people there! There cannot be a recession if a theme park is that full.)

Coming home? Not so fun and exciting.

Our flights were delayed and full and we were stuck in the San Diego airport for four hours waiting to get home.

In The Hubs defense he never once brought up that he "wanted to drive all long - it's only five hours!"  My Mom and Dad played with Bjorn, which is all they really wanted to do anyways. I lamented the fact that I hadn't brought my new Kindle.

And Bjorn?! Well, Bjorn was in his element. Lots of room to run and play. Pizza to eat. Little girls who wanted to share candies and dolls. He didn't stop once.

It was a merry, happy, long, exhausting, I-would-do-it-again kind of day.

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