Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pregnant Do's and Don'ts

I know it's not politically correct or the popular idea, but I've said it once and I'll say it again. . . I love being pregnant.

I love eating as much as a small horse or two.

I love maternity clothes with stretchy panels and built-in space for growing. I love leggings and sweatpants and t-shirts that are finally long enough to cover the crack of my hiphugger jeans. I may just have to make all my waists elastic and all my shirts large enough to be "eatin' pants". Let's be honest here. Maternity clothes are sooooo comfortable.

I love the way I now fill out shirts and swimsuits the way Baywatch has always told me I needed to.

I love how no matter what I do or how moody (Me? Moody? Nooooo.), I'm right. Because you knocked me up, Hubs, and you have to deal with the consequences.

But life isn't all fun and roses when you're pregnant. Even for the perfect Preggo.

I don't love the no-drinking rule. Sure, I have heard that in France and all across Europe the Preggo's have red wine with every meal and they are all so healthy and have perfect babies who walk at five months and are fluent in three languages by their second birthday, and never once have a symptom of FAS. Here in the good US of A, though, we know that drinking a beer would lower my kids IQ by 50 points, knock off any chance he has of passing kindergarten the first time and ensure that he doesn't get his first kiss until he's 17. If even then. We just don't do it.

And boy do I miss my beer.

As much as I miss my feta.

Ahhh, feta. The tastiest of the soft cheeses. Yes, those same soft cheeses that are forbidden to Preggo's. The same soft cheese that I tasted once in my last pregnancy, only to have a fellow Preggo scold me mercilessly. (Exact words: Her: OMG, that's feta! What are you doing?! Me: What? It's fine. I mean, what do they do in countries where they only have unpasteurized cheeses to eat? Her: Well, they have alot more dead babies. Yes, that's right. Dead babies. We are no longer friends.)

So as we now enter into salad season when fruits and veggies are on sale and fresh, I yearn for a good spinach salad with feta and cranberries and walnuts with a vinaigrette dressing. Or a cobb with eggs and bacon and a good sprinklin' of feta. Yummmm. Or a wrap with feta and peppers covered with a layer of avocado. . . . .

It sounds so yummy. And healthy. It can't be that bad, right?

I was desperate for feta, so I googled unpasteurized cheeses and feta and found the most wonderful websites ever. Site after site, from Webmd to Babycenter, told me, in plain English for anyone to see, that feta is ok for pregnant women. As long as it's made from pasteurized milk. Which would be listed in plain sight for all to see on the outside of the container. And most of the cheese in the US is made from pasteurized milk. Just to be sure, though, when in doubt, don't eat.

In other words. . . go for it, Preggo. Eat away. Let them eat feta.


Andrea and Jeff said...

Eat your feta and enjoy it! I love that too and ate it while I was pregnant both times. So far my girls have turned out just great :)

Baby Mama said...

I miss maternity pants. So stretchy and comfy!

Meg said...

Matt found me pasteurized feta at Costco. I ate and had a "perfect" kid who is walking at 3 months and talking FOUR long as you count me holding him in my arms as I walk and baby talk counts as a several languages. Ha ha ha! Eat feta and enjoy. I actually think that feta alone contributed to the round head. :)

Anonymous said...

sua mizera, chupa minha pomba, rapariga do cĂș arrombado! :)