Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bucket List

In one of the many magazines I find at work on the plane, I read that a while ago Brooke Burke made a Bucket List, with one of the items being "Appear on the cover of Shape Magazine".

I thought "Well, I want to be on the cover of Shape, too."

Immediately followed by "Ugh, no I don't." Because then I would have to work out really hard, eat healthy all the time and spend Saturdays and Sundays at the gym rather than hanging at the casa with my boys or browsing the nearest flea market.

But it got me thinking. Maybe being on the cover of Shape is not on my Bucket List, but what is? If time and money and resources were all available to me, what I do I really and truly want to do with my life? What are the things - the really important and really trivial things all together - that would mean so much to me when I was older? What were those items that I have been itching to scratch off my permanent to-do list?

And thus my Bucket List began.

Making a Bucket List isn't as easy as I had thought it would be, though. I wanted to ensure my Bucket List was distinctive and characteristic of me, not just what most people want to do. Did I really care about taking a cruise? Or is spending four to seven days cooped up on a boat, living on someone else's schedule of events something I just have a vague interest in from hearing friends' cruise stories? Did my butt really want to endure a cross country motorcycle ride or did I just want to pen an introspective bestseller like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance from my experience?

What did I really want?

Finding out what you really want (really really really want) is not easy. It can be hard to separate all the voices - friends, family, experts - that have whispers in your head.  But I sat down, tried to clear my mind and thought "What is it that I really truly completely want?"

And it came to me in an instant.

I want my own action figure.

Silly, right?! Except it's not, because it is something I really want from my life. I really want to be an action figure.

Bucket Lists don't have to be serious and life-changing. They don't have to be about seeing the seven wonders or curing cancer. It's all about what you want from life. And what I want is to be an action figure.

My list isn't very long. I'm very discerning about what I write down, picking what I really want from all those things that I kind of want to to.

My Bucket List
*Get my own action figure
*Snorkel in Australia
*Hike to the top of a volcano
*Publish a book
*Have beautiful, long, real nails
*Hear mass from the Pope in Vatican City

What's on your list?

**I'm lucky that some of my Bucket List items are already crossed off. Those are: Hike the Grand Canyon, Be in a commercial, Star in a movie, Hit a home run, Get married, Have kids, Become a Flight Attendant.**


Meg said...

pretty sure there's a company somewhere on the net that makes personal action figures. start googling!

i would like to go to italy with you and see the pope. that would be one awesome girls trip.

i can help you with the nail issue too...but you'd have to be handcuffed to me for a month.

K8TE said...

So glad to be back! And so thrilled to be reading your blog again!!

My bucket list? Wow, that' actually a deep question for me right now. I want to think about that one.