Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keeping up with the Jones. . . whoever they are

We all know how much I hate Heidi of the What to Expect When Everything You Do Could Hurt Your Unborn Child books, but when my little boy hit the stage of Terror that is an Almost Two, I ran crying "Help me! Help me!" all the way to the bookstore.

Well, actually, to my computer. Because it turns out that my health care plan provides me with free copies of What To Expect when Expecting, the First Year and the Toddler Years. Our health care tax dollars at work. (And how can I get my soon-to-be-written book sent out free with a health care plan? What an advertising ploy that would be!!)

So I ordered those dang books and spent many a night skimming questions like "I think my son is ADHD and my wife thinks he is just a normal toddler. Who is right?" (Seriously - this was in there!!!) Followed by ten pages of how to tell if your child could have ADHD.

Although most of the information seems useless to me ("I thought toddlers were supposed to be active, but mine just sits and plays. Is something wrong with him?" No, lady, you just have a quiet kid. Take advantage of it and TAKE A NAP!), I still skim to make sure I'm covering all the bases in discipline and sleeping and healthy eating habits. By far the most interesting tidbit so far is this:

At Nineteen Months your child will probably be able to use 6 words.
At Twenty Months your child may possibly be able to use 50+ words.

Wow. That's a BIIIIIIG difference in wordage. From 6 to 50 words in ONE MONTH.

Still not sure that my almost 19 month old kid is the over-achiever his grandparents and parents think he is, I put the kid on the spot, and while he understands alot more words, these are the words he can actually use (in the proper context), whether in toddler speak or adult speak.

Aga (Hansa)
Fooball (Football)
Nani (blanket)
Nana (banana)
Ide (outside)
Vroom Vroom (car)
Cuk (He clicks his mouth together. It means Snack)
Wee Wee (TV)
Nigh Nigh (Night Night)
Papee (Pasta)
Ish (Fish)
Bop (Hop)
Bee (Bird)
Bie (Bite)
No-nose (nose)

So that's 32 words he says and about twenty dozen more he understands. He follows directions very well - throwing away trash, getting a diaper, climbing into his car seat. I guess he is the Super Genius we all think he is!


Mommy This and That said...

Where is the book about "How to get my child to sleep more than 9 hours a night?" Or "How to get my toddler to stay playing while Mommy is on the computer?" or "How to stop my toddler from turning into a parrot and repeating EVERYTHING he hears?"

Lise said...

Wow - that's awesome! Collin is way behind in speaking - 20 months old and really only says mama, dada, a smattering of animal sounds (that I'm told count as "words" ?!?!), and I think that's it. Everyone tells me that he'll "start talking when he's ready" so I'm not too concerned. Yet. :o) I know a year from now I'll be wishing he would STOP talking!