Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If you don't like celebrity gossip, you should pass on this. . .

If this morning you missed TMZ, Extra or every morning news program known to man, I have some exciting news for you.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are engaged.

Oh, ahem, excuse me. . . Katherine Middleton.

Yes, the Katherine Middleton the British press pegged 'Waity Katie' because after eight years of dating, The Prince still had not proposed.

God Forbid a girl be all of 28 years old and not be married! A spinster!

She has incredible poise and maturity, much more than I ever have (had, or will probably ever have). And I admire that about her.

Because I once was her.

No, silly. I wasn't British. I didn't wear darling hats slightly cockeyed, but looking just right. (Seriously, who can look that cute in a hat besides Katherine Middleton?!) And I never, ever dated a Prince. (Unlike, if you can believe it, a Real Housewife.)

But I did wait for what seemed like forever for the guy I loved to ask me to marry him.

So, this girl from Texas has something in common with that girl from Britain. Or as we say it in my neck of the woods, I smell what she's stepping in. I'm picking up what she's putting down. I git her.
The Hubs and I met when I was 19 and he was 22. His fifth - and last- year of college and my second.

If he had asked me to marry him that first year, I would have said yes.

But he didn't ask that first year. Not when he graduated. Not when he got his first big-boy job. Not when he stayed in Lubbock, because he didn't want to move away from me. And not when he bought me a jewelry box for Christmas and whispered, "There's something special inside" only to hand me a pair of earrings. (Beautiful earrings, yes, but did he really not get it!?)

But I was ready. I had found the guy I wanted to marry, so what was the big deal? Why couldn't I finish college and he start working while we were married? Why wait!?

Because he wanted to wait. He wanted to become established in his job and have money and his own place, rather than one he shared with three other guys and. . . . .blah blah blah.

We had our ups and downs, complete with the requisite few month break-up. (Just like Kate and William!) Then I graduated college and decided to go to grad school and he moved across the state. A year later, I quit grad school, found a big-girl job and moved across the state with him. He quit his job that moved him across the state in the first place and found another, better job.

And I waited.

Waited as we were in the same place, then different places, then the same again and still. . .nothing happened. And I got asked the same questions. From my friends to my friends parents to co-workers. "No ring, yet?!" after my birthday/Valentines/Groundhogs day. "What is he waiting for? Do you think he's ever going to propose?"

People asked me why I was still with him. "You're ready to get married, right? So why are you waiting for him? Why don't you find someone else who is ready to get married, too?!"

Because that's not how this works, people.

See, I love this guy and I want to marry him. That is for the rest of my life. So if I have to wait a few years (ok, six) for him to be in the same place as me, I'll wait. Because waiting a few measly years for the right person is a million times better than rushing into anything with the wrong.

So, I feel ya, Katherine, future Queen of England. I know why you patiently smiled and accompanied him to wedding after wedding for all your friends. Not because you are passive, silly or a doormat. Because you are strong, confident, and know what you want.

No longer Waity Katie. Now you're Matey Katie.


Jenn said...

I told my husband that I BETTER be on bed rest when they get married because I WILL be spending all day and night watching the wedding and festivities. Can't wait!

John, Becky and Olivia said...

Oooh, I like this post. =) I didn't have to wait 6 years, but I would have. Totally worth it.