Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Potty Post

There are many things I thought I would do as a Mama. Clean up poop. Wipe up snot. Cry. Laugh. Not sleep.

But I never thought I would be posting a picture of my toilet on my blog.

Why, yes, that is my toilet. Why did I post a picture of this? Because sometimes as parents we get excited about the littlest things and sometimes those little things are toilets.

Because you see the lid of the toilet? Weird-looking, huh?!

Inside the lid is an even smaller toilet seat. A toilet for midget butts. (Or toddlers, I guess.)

When I asked The Hubs to pick up a new toilet seat (because the dogs collar tags had scratched ours every time she drank out of "her" bowl), I never imagined I would be excited about it. And I never thought it would be a parenting move.

But, voila. A training toilet that fits into a regular one. Who would've thought?

(And just so you don't think that a toilet seat is ALL Bjorn got today, check out his other new toy, straight from a garage sale. Just in time for beautiful weather!)

1 comment:

Mommy This and That said...

Wait, they have toilet seats that come with the mini??? I must have one! (whoever thought I'd be excited about a friggin' toilet seat??!!)

Good score on Bjorn's new ride!