Friday, September 17, 2010

Boys and Their Bruises

Today, as we battled through yet another clothes and diaper changing, Bjorn threw himself away from me with the force of a hurricane.

Smack dab into the corner of the wooden dresser.

With his forehead.


After the initial screaming and mama-clinging, he seemed ordinary Bjorn-like, but I know that head injuries can be deceiving and the three-inch-long-two-inch-wide mark and bruise on his forehead was breaking my heart.

So I called the pediatrician. Did I need to get a CAT scan? Could I let him take his usual nap? Was I a bad mother? The usual questions.

We were both calm, I got the answers I needed and then I called The Hubs to brag about my superb parenting skills. You know, the ones that allowed my kiddo to get hurt in the first place. The Hubs also wanted to question me about Bjorn's head injury.

Is he drooling? Well, yeah.

Is he talking gibberish? Uh huh.

Is he wobbly and falling over unexpectedly? Yup.

Is he fussy, crying, screaming or acting cranky? Check, check, and check again.

Apparently, the normal questions for a head injury don't apply to toddlers.

**BTW, Bjorn is fine. We did as the Ped suggested and had him sleep with us last night (she suggested being in the same room at all times) and I got kicked and kneed enough to last me forever. The little booger is fine. Me, I need a nap. **


Mommy This and That said...

And they don't stop there! Though the first few bumps on the noggin scared me to death, they seem to get over them quickly!

Glad he's go get some sleep!

Amber Page Writes said...

Hope he's doing better and all is well in your neck of the woods!