Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I blog

I blog so I can think.

So that in the midst of chaos and reality, crying and poop, I can think.

I write so that all these thoughts that swirl around in my head can finally be laid to rest in the simple, black lines of Times New Roman font.

At least, that was why I started this blog. As a fountain of extraneous thoughts and worries. So that other momma's and friends could join with me on a journey that you can never really pack for.

But now it seems I blog less for myself and more for Bjorn. I blog as a way to remember all those baby things that he does today that may be gone tomorrow. Frankly, I blog because I am too damn lazy to sit down and write these things in his baby book.

But this month something strange happened. I didn't blog. (Did you notice?)

I didn't even check other blogs but maybe twice this month.

And a funny thing happened.

All those hilarious, crazy-cute things my Bjorn did? I watched them. Just watched. And while I was watching, I didn't think 'Oooooh, that is soooo cute. How can I word that in my next blog post?'

Instead, I watched as he learned how to put on The Hubs shoes and shuffle around the living room. And I watched as he dragged a thick cookbook across the floor to put it next to the ottoman. Where he used it as a stepping stool to climb onto the ottoman. And then off the ottoman. And then back on again. And . . . . well, you get the idea.

See, I didn't plan on taking a break from blogging. I just sorta fell into it. Just as writing everyday had become natural, after a while, a break from writing felt natural, too.

And maybe that is for the best.

I commented to a fellow blogger how I was absent from my Bloggy Friend's lives recently and she replied, 'So what? You're not just writing about life now. You're living it.'

Not that you can't normally do both. But this month, I couldn't.

(Ironically, this is also the month when I bought a laptop so I could write more. Ha.)

This month was a great break from blogging. During Bjorn's morning naps I usually brew yet another pot of coffee and race to my computer for some catch-up reading and writing. Lately, instead, I would put on a workout DVD and afterwards treat myself to a long, hot shower. Or curl up with a good book. Or call a friend I haven't talked to in a while. Sew. Research. Relax.

It was nice. Not a permanent break. But nice.

See, I miss writing. I miss blogging. And I miss all of you - my bloggy network of Momma's and friends and crafters and cooks. But I like knowing now that I can drag myself away from it and everything will still be ok. That while I need my friends and the network I have out here in BlogWorld, I don't need to be tied to a computer.

And, crazy enough, knowing that I don't need to write everyday. . . . makes me want to write even more.

A wise man once said 'If you love something, let it go free. If it doesn't come back, you never had it. If it comes back, love it forever.'

And I will love you all forever.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Boys and Their Bruises

Today, as we battled through yet another clothes and diaper changing, Bjorn threw himself away from me with the force of a hurricane.

Smack dab into the corner of the wooden dresser.

With his forehead.


After the initial screaming and mama-clinging, he seemed ordinary Bjorn-like, but I know that head injuries can be deceiving and the three-inch-long-two-inch-wide mark and bruise on his forehead was breaking my heart.

So I called the pediatrician. Did I need to get a CAT scan? Could I let him take his usual nap? Was I a bad mother? The usual questions.

We were both calm, I got the answers I needed and then I called The Hubs to brag about my superb parenting skills. You know, the ones that allowed my kiddo to get hurt in the first place. The Hubs also wanted to question me about Bjorn's head injury.

Is he drooling? Well, yeah.

Is he talking gibberish? Uh huh.

Is he wobbly and falling over unexpectedly? Yup.

Is he fussy, crying, screaming or acting cranky? Check, check, and check again.

Apparently, the normal questions for a head injury don't apply to toddlers.

**BTW, Bjorn is fine. We did as the Ped suggested and had him sleep with us last night (she suggested being in the same room at all times) and I got kicked and kneed enough to last me forever. The little booger is fine. Me, I need a nap. **