Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Years From Now. . . . . .

10 years ago today, I met a boy.

(Well. . . it might have been 10 years ago yesterday. Or tomorrow. I'm not very good with dates. It was sometime around this time. . . . . )


10 years ago today(-ish), I met a boy.

It wasn't the first time I had met this boy. The first time was a year earlier, my what-the-hell-is-college-all-about freshman year, when I saw this blue eyed, sorta wild looking boy playing guitar and singing at my church's praise & worship. I leaned over to my roomie (who I had known all of about three days but was (yay!) Catholic and (double yay!!) had a car) and whispered "I want one just like him".

I thought it was such a great line - like Jodie Foster in Maverick when she asks who is that "tall drink of water".

So I saw this boy from a distance and six months later when I was hired on campus I showed up to work. . . . and there he was. We talked a bit, but nothing more.

Fast forward a few more months (which bring us to 10 years from today-ish) and we met again. (For the first time?)

This time we talked longer. He laughed at all my jokes and came back with a few of his own. We swung our legs off the tailgate of my pickup, talking, much longer than was necessary to wait for his car battery to charge.

Little did I know that 10 years later I would be married to this boy, living in another state, living the (ha!) glamorous career as a flight attendant, with a little boy who looks just like his Daddy.

10 years ago, if I would have known what the future would bring, I would have never bought a new car, never bought a house in AZ, and tried harder to pay off my credit card.

I would have studied abroad in London, taken that trip to Australia and learned to surf in Hawaii.

I would have driven to that antique junk store outside Houston I love to search online and I would have continued ASL classes.

I would never have gone for my masters in Education and I would definitely not have spent any of my school loan money for waaaay too many trinkets in Hawaii.

I would have still married that man I met 10 years ago. And gone to Houston and Phoenix and wherever else he wants to go. I would still have that little boy with him and would still love to have more kids who look just like him.

10 years ago, I could never have expected so much to happen in what seems like a very small amount of time. And 10 years from now. . . . well, I have absolutely no idea what to expect. That is what makes this all exciting.

Because 10 years from now. . . . is still going to be the best time of my life.

****Happy 10 Year Day-I-Met-You (I Think) Anniversary!****


dusty earth mother said...

Life is funny, right? All the "would have"'s and "should have"'s all pretty much pale in comparison to what is. Happy (sort of) anniversary!

Stef said...

Ha. Congratulations...ish. That is a long time. And you still have your humor (not that I knew you then...but I am assuming you did.)

John, Becky and Olivia said...

Happy 10th-ish anniversary (J and I are on the same meeting schedule as you and the hubs)!

So fun.

I love reading your posts.

Mommy This and That said...

Ha, we just celebrated our 10 years to! Happy Anniversary!!