Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Life and Times of Bjorn

A few months ago the Hubs decided to grow out his hair. After a few weeks in the awkward growing-out-his-bangs stage, he has finally hit long(ish) male Baywatch type hair. It looks pretty good.

But now that he has this long hair, he has taken to using it as a towel. Or, in place of a towel. (Not that I mind, because, really, let's face it, that's one less towel I find on the bathroom floor after one friggin' use.)

After he washes his hands, he runs his fingers through his locks. Styling it with the water and drying his hands at the same time. Two birds, one stone.

I only mention it because at 15 months my little Bjorn is a sponge. And he now copies his Daddy by splashing in the Dog's bowl and then running his fingers through his own hair. Very cute, but very very wet.

Bjorn has learned how to kiss for real - and not just that open-mouth drooly kiss that is somehow incredibly gross and incredibly cute at the same time.

No, he puckers his little lips and goes "Mmmmmm" until you kiss him and then he makes the kissy "Mwah".

Sooooo adorable. And he kisses on demand. As in "Bjorn, kiss Scout." "Mwah." "Bjorn, kiss Dog." "Mwah." "Bjorn, kiss the pretty lady on TV." "Mwah."

Today I think I was kissed about 50 times. Not bad for this Mama.


As I was doing anything to get out of the house and get my sanity back heading out to run some errands, I heard some babble coming from Bjorn in his car seat.

I look back to see his "phone" wedged between his ear and shoulder, totally going hands free, babbling away as he waved his arms dramatically.

Definetely brokering some major deals.


I know I don't talk to Bjorn as much as I need to. (Me? Not talk? What?!)

Well, I mean, I talk, but not the kind of talk that pediatricians like to hear. I don't explain everything I'm doing as I'm doing it, or point out colors around the store or count the number of apples Mommy is putting in the cart. I'm more the "Yeah, you have a bear. That's great, play with your bear as Mommy checks out the newest toy on Woot."

So yesterday I was completely surprised when. . . .

I asked if he wanted to take a bath and he ran for the bathroom door and grunted as he tried to open it.

Wha-wha-what? Did my kid actually learn something (albeit something as simple as bath, but still!) from me?!

So, in the name of experimental science, the Hubs grabbed him from the bathroom, placed him in the farthest, remotest spot in our house and calmly asked him "Do you want to take a bath?"

And he careened right towards that door.

My little genius!

(He also knows where the bananas are kept and that he gets a banana every morning. He will stand by where they are on the counter and grunt and reach until we get one for him. Same thing with the milk in the fridge and the juice cups in the cupboard. Kid is a GENIUS!)


I finally got out my Wii Fit last week for the first time in. . . well, the Wii told me it had been 167 days. So, let's just say it has been a loooong time.

I played a few balance games on the balance board, making myself look incredibly silly as I flapped like a huge flying, chicken or ducked as shoes and panda heads came flying at my nose.

Then I look at Bjorn.

And he has grabbed the white doggie door insert (about three feet by two feet), placed it next to the balance board on the floor and was now standing on top, pretend-running in place. His own Wee Wii Balance Board.

If that won't make me play more often, nothing will.


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