Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This too shall pass. . . ..

In the lottery of babies, I won the jackpot.

He's cute (of course!), nearly always happy and he loves my dog. He;s almost as good as a million bucks.

But I also feel that I haven't really gotten into "parenting" yet. Up to this point, my job as a parent was to keep him alive. I was to feed, bathe and nurture. Survival. Those days are long gone.

No longer am I the one he turns to for food or comfort - he can feed himself and soothe himself to sleep. No longer do I have to carry him from one place to another - he walks over to the table himself to grab everything off it and throw it to the floor.

Now I actually have to parent him.

Teach him that electrical cords are not for eating.

Teach him that dogs ears are not for pulling.

Teach him that veggies are good for you and yummy.

And I'm not sure I'm ready for parenting. Lately my parenting choices have been in the form of . . . . well, waiting to see if it changes on its own.

And wouldn't it be nice if it did?


In other words, loudly and screaming/crying. Every day. Every naptime. For two months.

It began when he had an ear infection, so I understood it. He would cry when he awoke because all of a sudden he would leave his perfect little dream world and realize 'Hey, my ears hurt. Ouch!'

But now? He's perfectly healthy. And yet he still screams.

I've pretty much just ignored it, hoping this was just a phase. Wishing and hoping. Hoping and praying.

Not so much. And I'm getting really tired of it.

I asked the pediatrician, who merely chuckled, brushing it off as a phase. I tried not going to him when he cries. He continues to scream (even for as long as 15 minutes) until he is rescued from his crib. I tried getting him up before he starts crying, when I first hear him stirring and grunting.

And nothing works.

I'm at my wits end, people and I need your help. WHAT DO I DO to get my kid to stop screaming awake? How do I get him to realize that a simple "Mamamamamamamamamama" would work just fine?!

And while we are at it - share your thoughts on thumb/finger sucking. I'm not anti-fingers, as he is only 1 and he only does it when he's tired. But Miss Daycare thinks we need to put a sock on his hand to stop him now. Is it really that important now or can I pretend it's not happening until he's like two or three and then deal with it?

Which is kind of my standard for dealing with stuff anyways. . . . .


Jenn said...

Cameron had double ear infections about three months ago and had to be rocked for him to sleep at all. He got used to it. I am STILL rocking him before he goes to bed (which I know is not as bad as screaming awake), but he doesn't have to be rocked for as long. I think that Bjorn will grow out of it.

As far as fingers, I have a SERIOUS double-finger sucker, and I am totally fine with it. My hubby's dad is a dentist and he doesn't mind it either. Check out what Dr. Barry Brazleton has to say about it, he eased my mind when I was worried about it.

KLZ said...

I think you can ignore the finger sucking. I just don't think it will ruin a child. Poo to Miss Daycare.

Mommy This and That said...

I say the finger thing is fine. Tell Miss Daycare to get over it.

When Spencer wakes up screaming it usually means he wasn't ready to wake. If this happens during nap time I usually try to get him to go back to sleep and when he wakes anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes later he is all smiles. Other than that...I got nothing! Sorry!!