Friday, June 4, 2010

Mama Mistake #457 and counting. . . .

So when you are trying to introduce cow's milk to your kiddo for the first time do you:

a) warm the milk so it doesn't irritate the stomach?
b) mix 1 part milk with 3 parts formula?
c) put the milk in the sippy cup, hand it to your littl'un and just let 'er rip?

Yeah, Answer "c" would be me.

But only because I was so excited to have him try milk, and because he has never had any reactions to any foods before and he won't take formula during the day and I didn't want to wait until tonight. . . . .

So I got puked on. Alot.

And so did the high chair. And the floor. And the dog a little bit. (But she cleans herself up. Ewwwwwwww.)

It wasn't an allergic reaction. Just a reaction to the cold milk hitting an empty stomach.

And that's why you should warm the milk up at least a little bit.

Bad Mama.


Erinn said...

Ha ha, I'll try to remember that when it's my turn!

Pearl said...

I had no idea!!!

jen said...

I've transitioned six kids to milk just the way you described. And I've never had that happen. You know what that makes you?