Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mug Shot

I know all y'all out there in Bloggy world are just dying to hear what it is that Daddy and Bjorn got this Mama for Mother's Day.

Was it someone to clean this pit of a house every week, sparing Mama the hours of dusting, folding and scrubbing that takes up so much of her free time? Or was it the real splurge - a $400 necklace that no one really needs, but - let's face it - every girl really wants?

I'll just start this by saying that my husband knows me better than anyone. And while I will ask for all sorts of expensive gifts that I want (but probably can't afford), when it all comes down to it, he is going to go in his own direction and get exactly what he wants, no help from me.

For the last few weeks, thanks to a gift from my BIL, the Hubs and I have spent many days off together doing nothing but watching back episodes of The Office. And when I say 'doing nothing but' I really mean it. Twelve straight hours of The Office. We are getting a little obsessed.

But obsessed is good. It's quality time, people.

So, for Mother's Day, Bjorn and the Hubs put their heads together and got me the coolest gift any Dunder-Mifflin-obsessed-Michael-Scott-loving-Jim-and-Pam-are-perfect-for-each-other girl could ever want.

My very own Bjorn America's Got Talent mug.

On the other side, it says 'Worlds Best Mommy' - much like Michael Scott's Worlds Best Boss mug.

**Don't remember this episode? Check out NBC for the other America's Got Talent mugs, as well as episode links.**

This mug is better than any laptop, maid service, spa certificate I could ever get. Really, when it comes to presents, it is all about coming from the heart. With a lot of laughter. And this has more than enough heart and laughter.

Perfect. Thanks Hubs. Thanks Bjorn. Happy Mother's Day to me!


Meg said...


Jenn said...

Totally awesome!

Amber Page Writes said...

Now that's fabu...and no one else will have a mug exactly like it in the whole world.

LittleBoyGreen said...

I'm insanely jealous! I want to drink my coffee out of a mug with LBG's face on it! It would make my day even brighter!

sanjeet said...

its lovely
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