Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day

Like any good man, my Hubs has resorting to using Bjorn to decode what I really want next weekend for Mother's Day (and my birthday, since the two are only about a month apart).

Holding Bjorn in front of his face, he says in a sing-song baby voice (which sounds nothing like the cute baby talk in Look Who's Talking):
"Mommy, what do you want for Mother's Day? Do you want Daddy to buy himself a new motorcycle? Would that make you happy?"

Yes, Bjorn, a new motorcycle for Daddy would make me happy. But, no, absolutely and completely no, it is not what I want for Mother's Day.

So, while you - perfect little Bloggy Mommy - can be angelic and doe-eyed, insisting that you don't want anything for Mother's day - just a happy, healthy family is enough for you. Well, blah blah blah with your '50s housewife self. I'll take that and a gift.

Open your minds (and your wallets) because my list ain't cheap (hint hint, Hubs!):
A Netbook/Laptop
I don't care anymore whether I get a netbook or a notebook or a lapbook or whatever the hell it is. But I have been traveling without a computer for four months now and it sucks. How can I keep up with all your blogs if I don't have a computer to wile away the hours spent in a hotel room? Without a computer I have been working out, sleeping late and exploring new cities. Who needs that?!

Return to Tiffany Heart necklace

Oh yes, I did say Tiffany. As in, the little blue box Tiffany. Yes, I went there. I don't do name brands. I don't wear labels. But Tiffany is not a brand. It's not a label. It's a lifestyle. Honestly, I don't love all Tiffany jewelry (or even most) but this necklace is a classic piece that can be worn casual or dressy. And, well - let's face it, it's Tiffany and I love it and that is all that matters.

A maid
And I don't mean me in an apron with duster. A real maid who cleans baseboards, windows and ceiling fans. One who doesn't pretend she can't see the dust accumulating on those picture frames but actually picks them up, dusts them and then - omg, do people actually do this? - dusts underneath them.

Fingerprint Necklace
I saw this on Etsy one day and decided that, while there are plenty of mother's jewelry like name necklaces and charm bracelets and yadda yadda yadda, this was the only Mothers jewelry I would wear consistently. And isn't it just a fantastically eccentric and unique idea??

Spa services
A gift certificate to a spa would be heaven. Although a personalized pedicure/haircut/facial would definitely not be returned, a gift card for a dollar amount would leave me the option of picking exactly which service I wanted that day. Didn't feel like a pedicure? No problem - I could get an eyebrow wax, facial scrub and scalp massage. Some (ahem - Mom) would argue with me, but really - gift cards are where it's at.


Cheryl said...

At least you have proof that your husband recognizes that mother's day is coming up! I can't wait to hear what he gets you!

John, Becky and Olivia said...

Cheryl makes a good point. I was asked on Saturday when Mother's Day was, and only because I brought up the fact that we need to get cards for our moms.

Christina said...

Love the list & good luck with the gift! Mine tends to ask 4 days before,where as he couldn't possibly have budgeted for what I "really" want so I sweetly accept whatever they give.

But, so with ya on the laptop, I want one SOOO bad. The guys at Office Depot & Office Max are tired of seeing me, I'm sure they would call my Sweet Man and tell him to buy it already!!

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Hmmm...mine has not asked what I want, which is scary. But really what I want most is SLEEP!

dusty earth mother said...

Wow, that sounds exactly like my list! But definitely push for the computer and not the motorcycle. A computer is a lot more practical in a hotel room.

Amber Page Writes said...

So how did he do? We're all waiting in suspense?

I wanted a maid...but got a locket instead. It's very pretty, but doesn't clean.

sanjeet said...

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