Monday, May 17, 2010

It ain't a dry heat. It's just damn HOT!

Sartre may believe that hell is other people, but I am pretty sure that hell is Phoenix in the summer.

Why anyone chooses Phoenix to live out of every other amazing city (Chicago, Austin, San Diego) is beyond me, but, hey - we're here too, right?! So I guess I can't say much. . . . but, then again, I can, because this is my blog and if I can't complain and bitch on my blog, there where can I?

Anyways. . . .

There are all sorts of cliches about Phoenix - starting with "But it's a dry heat". Coming from Houston, where a shower lasts all day and nothing is ever quite dry, I understand the difference between dry heat and humidity. But, here's the thing people - hot is hot. Damn hot is still damn hot no matter if its dry or wet. And 119 degrees (um, yes, is really is that hot) is damn hot. Plus my nose bleeds when it's dry, and that just makes me even more miserable.

Needless to say, the Hubs and I have come up with all sorts of ways to beat the heat in the summer. Two years ago we would "float the river". In college, floating the river would entail driving to a local river, renting tubes for you and your cooler of beer and spending the entire day trying not to get hit by drunk frat boys jumping off rock ledges. Then you stumble home at the end of the day half-drunk, half-burnt and completely exhausted. "Floating the river" now consists of a cooler of beer/margaritas, two lawn chairs, our backyard and a sprinkler strategically placed over us. No fuss, no inebriated flashing and no half-drunk-driving.

We also take road trips north. It doesn't matter where really, as long as it's north. In two hours we can see the temperature drop 20-30 degrees. You would never realize how cool 95 degrees can feel!

This year, we decided to tackle the heat problem head on. We bought a second home.

And yes, Megan, I still can't figure out how to rotate pictures. Whatever. You should be used to it by now!
The above pic is the king beg - there is a full on the other end.

Now, our second home (Cheap Hotel, Hotel/Motel/Holiday Inn, as we call it) doesn't have AC, but that is not a problem. We head out for points north, and when camped in the shade of trees thousands of years old, the heat is no longer an issue. A breeze blows in from the banks of the creek and the leaves rustle a tune filled with history and simplicity.

And all is good.

I am now ready for summer. Bring it on, Mother Nature!!


That Crazy Family said...

LOVE your second home!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Im thrilled to see what adventures lay ahead for you!

Cheryl said...

I used to spend spring training in Tempe, and it was hot enough then! And I agree - hot is hot, whether it's dry or wet heat.

Pearl said...

omg! i am so jealous!!!

Melissa said...

Yes, damn hot is damn hot. However, humid hot is like boiling hot. Its literally like sitting in boiling water. Dry hot is so weirdly the opposite. It sucks just as much in really opposite ways. It's like you could just turn to dust at any second.

I'm moving to South Florida next week and you are not making me excited. :)

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

I am not an outdoorsy type...but I would LOVE to have a second home like that! I think I could get use to driving somewhere and having as much as my crappola as I want with me!