Monday, April 12, 2010

A blog about Mother.hood

A while ago I woke up to check readership on my blog (yes, I do that) only to find that someone out there thought I was famous. Or that I was trying to be. Or that I was pretending to be someone who was acting like they weren't - but really were - famous.

You can re-read about it here.

Immediately I was hooked on watching the movie. A blog by the same name as my weirdly named blog? How could that be?! And about a woman caught up in the midst of chaotic motherhood while trying to be a writer so she can keep some little semblance of sanity in her life? Whoa. . . . now this is getting weird.

Even weirder. . . . I drive a Volvo, too.

So, since I have a baby that doesn't enjoy being snuck into a movie theatre only to be shushed the whole time, I have waited patiently for Mother.hood to come out on DVD and the second it did, I rushed to my Netflix account to add it before someone else could get it.

Bjorn and I watched it Friday and I still don't have any clue why she named her blog the Bjorn Identity.

I hope that I don't disclose super-personal material just because it makes for funny comments.

The only time I have ever snapped at someone in a checkout line is not because they turned on me for being a 'hypocritical' NY Mom but because they made yet another comment about how fat I was when pregnant.

And although I love Uma Thurman ( The Truth About Cats and Dogs has always been one of my faves!), watching her in this movie really wanted to make me take a shower everyday, put on some fresh makeup and shove my feet into something other than my go-to Teva flip flops. Maybe it was just that the essence of a harried and rushed errand-running Mama was too accurate. But I don't want to look like that. And Uma Thurman is gorgeous and a movie star. I'm not even on the best of days, so without a shower and makeup. . . . well. . .it's not a pretty sight.

All in all, I wouldn't say it was the best movie. If you're a mom, you might want to skip this one. It is pretty much the busiest day in the life of you and me, and really, who wants to watch a movie about their day-to-day lives?

I just wish I knew why she used The Bjorn Identity. That's still bugging me.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe BJorn as in baby BJorn?? The infant carrier just an idea