Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Steps

According to my sister-in-law, her sister and their pediatricians, a baby is considered "walking" when they begin walking while holding onto things.

Like walking around the living room coffee table, never letting go - just chasing around and around like a dog after its own tail.

Which Bjorn has been doing pretty much since he could stand.

According to me, myself and I, my baby isn't considered "walking" until he can step more than just one or two steps. All by myself. Not holding onto me, Daddy, the coffee table or the dog. All by himself.

Which means he began walking today.

Tonight, to be exact. Right in front of Daddy and I. We both saw it. We both were there. Amazing. (Get this - we even captured it on video. Twice.)

Half a dozen times he made it five or six steps, and one time he made it 14 steps. 14. That's alot of walkin' for a little boy who yesterday couldn't even do one.

I have a walker. A little boy who is growing up waaaaay too fast. Slow this train down!!


AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Yay! Way to go Bjorn!!

But now for the truth...walking means you will have to be on your toes more than before because he will no be reaching for things that were "safe" before he started walking. Also get ready for lots of bumps...I thought I would go crazy because Spencer bumped his head so many times once he started walking! If there is a corner or table in his vicinity, watch out!!

But finally...ENJOY it! They look so cute toddling around. *sigh*

Preggo said...

Yeah, I remember all those bumps and bruises from when he learned how to sit upright and then - BAM - would teeter over. Even last week he launched himself across our bed straight into the headboard to give himself a shiner!!

And nothing has been safe since he learned to pull himself up. I'm sure I'll keep finding more than he can get, tho!!

Tamara said...

Way to go Bjorn!!! And watch out Mama! It's so much fun, but seriously, Allie went from 1-2 steps to walking across the kitchen to sprinting across the house and FAST. I may finally lose that baby weight after all!!!