Friday, March 12, 2010

It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A!

After months of talking about it - discussing pros and cons, turning each others words back on them, arguing - we finally did it.

No. Not get another dog. (Although that "discussion" is still ongoing, too. Can you believe that with everything going on, I still want another doggie. Gheesh. . . when am I gonna learn?!)

We finally joined a gym.


I wasn't sure we were ever going to because, well. . . . I'm cheap. Verrrrrry cheap. And I really don't want to blow $80 a month on a gym membership I don't use.

But there was such a good deal going on that I couldn't help myself. Me, The Hubs and Bjorn. We are now a gym-going family.

And I actually used it already.

I dropped Bjorn off at the in-gym daycare, waved goodbye, and was told that I could only leave him for two hours. Not a problem, I thought. I can't remember the last time my workout lasted longer than 30 minutes!

But when that half hour hit - sooner than I expected- I didn't want to pick him up. I had a "free" babysitter for 2 hours, so why not get what I pay for?? I was 3K into my treadmill run/walk, and I thought 'I wonder if I could do 5K?'

So I did.

In 44 minutes, with a 2% incline the entire way.


Not a bad first day at the gym!

Obviously I didn't listen to this running guru. And maybe he's right and I'll burn out quickly.

But maybe he's wrong. Because my body isn't miserable. I am not calling out for bananas and ice packs. Besides a little wooziness when I first got home (I know, I know - I should always eat breakfast. Let's be honest, though. Most days? Breakfast is 4 cups of coffee and some animal crackers.). . . but besides that wooziness, I was fine. Almost like I hadn't worked out long at all.

And, while I have no formal plan, I would like to run 5k in less than 30 minutes. Hey - it could happen. There was a time when I was very athletic. A time before college, beer and babies. A looooooong time ago, it seems.

**Random side note: Every morning, in my 4 gigantic cups of coffee, I drink (shameless plug!) Half and Half Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer. It is to-die-for good. Serving size is 2 tablespoons and 50 calories. I measured this morning and I drink 2 servings in each cup. That's 100 calories a cup. 400 calories before I have even eaten a damn thing. Since I am also cheap (ahem - thrifty) and that Half and Half ain't cheap, starting tomorrow I am going to substitute half of my creamer with plain ol' milk. Still get the sweetness of the creamer without the fat. I'll cut 200 calories a day just with that little change!**


Amber Page Writes said...

That rocks! 44 minutes is not bad at all. There was a time when I could do 5K in 24 minutes. Needless to say, that was long, long ago.

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

So funny...I just looked into the Y and realizes they closed our closest Y back on October. Talk about bummed. I so don't want to pay someone a membership AND a fee to watch the little one. But it looks like I will have to swallow that and just do it!

Congrats on the run, you will be at 5K in 30 minutes in no time!