Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can't believe it's really been. . . . 9 months

Happy 9 Month Birthday, Bjorn!

Ok, so it's one day late, but really. . . he was four days late, so he's just going to have as much patience with me as I did with him. Because, really, I am sure this is not the only "milestone" (Is 9 months even a milestone???) or birthday that I am going to forget/lose track of. Not like my Super Mama friend who made pancakes to celebrate her daughter's 7 month birthday. . . . . Bjorn - you'll be lucky if you get a homemade cake on your 1st. I try, but let's be realistic here. I don't remember anything.

Anyways. . . . . .

So, B is 9 months old now, which means his 9 month checkup! Which just happened to occur exactly on his 9 months so I really have no excuse for not doing anything to celebrate. Oh, wait - for your 9 month celebration, Bjorn, I got you A FLU SHOT IN YOUR THIGH!!! That's right! This Super Mama got you a big long needle poking into your soft, baby flesh. Don't say I never did anything for you.

While at the Doc's, we also got the height/weight checkup, and while he is holding steady at about the 45% for height (he has been at 55-60 percentile), he is now in the 10th percentile for weight. Where before he was at 65%.

Where he was almost 18 lbs on his last visit, he is now barely 17 lbs 9 oz.

The worried, guilty look on my face said it all.

Was I not feeding him enough? Even when I forget to feed myself, I almost always remember to feed him 3+ times a day. I make his own food, so there are less additives, but is that making him super small?

Is he going to be called shrimp and beanpole and all sorts of scrawny kid nicknames?

Doc took one look at the questions running across my mind and didn't hesitate to reassure me.

He's just been sick, she said. Throwing up and diarrhea for a week. That can make anyone lose a little bit of weight, she said. He's crawling everywhere, she said. They burn calories easier and sometimes lose some of their weight.

After giving me a few tips (add a little more formula to the bottle, feed him yogurt and all sorts of yummy goodies), we left and immediately called Daddy.

"You know how you always eat all the pizza in the box because there are 'starving kids in Ethiopia'? And how you always finish the wings because there are 'starving kids in China' who aren't so lucky to have food to finish? Well, one of those kids is in our own house."

Even though he isn't starving. And isn't malnourished. He just lost a little weight.

So I'm an exaggerator. So what?!

Daddy made dinner last night, and Bjorn ate - for the first time - chicken. And he loved it. And he ate all of it along with his rice cereal and Cheerios.

And this morning, he ate all of his scrambled eggs and toast.

I think Daddy might be trying to gain back all of Bjorn's lost weight in one day. But at least we know he's eating well!


Andrea and Jeff said...

Don't worry, I am sure it is because he is mobile now. Katie stopped gaining weight around that time as well. It seems like she has been around the 20lb mark for the last 4 months or so. Just think about how much ground they cover....if only we could lose weight that easily. As always your post made me laugh. Bjorn will love looking back at this years from now.

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

It is definitely cause he's moving and grooving! Spencer gained two pounds between 9 and 12 months!! And he is a picky eater...and when I say picky I mean he DOESN'T eat!