Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter to you too!

Is it bad that since my kid doesn't know about **insert annoying, large, overdressed and kinda creepy character here** I see no reason to take a picture of them together?

Not to mention put him in nice clothes - twice, I'm sure, as he will poop or puke on the first set, wait in line for an hour, and pay a ridiculous amount of money just to have him cry because, let's face it, six foot tall bunnies are pretty scary.

I feel like he's missing out on some kind of childhood rite. Fancy pictures - and maybe even a test of wills with a furry character. But he didn't take too kindly to the first boyhood rite I put him through.

Then again - that was circumcision.


AndBabyWillMake4 said...

You are not alone. I was just lamenting that I didn't do the pictures with the live animals last year! Which would be way cuter than going to the mall and having the boy sit with a guy in costume that may or may not have germs from the 100 other kids that sat on his lap. Besides my boy was not a fan of Santa...

Does that make us rotten moms?

Lindsay said...

If it does, then I am a rotten mom, too. This was my son's second Easter, and he probably doesn't even know there is a "real" Easter Bunny you can actually go and "meet."

Let's just say we're preventing potential illness from all the germs, so we may be the best mothers around. Ha ha!