Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going with your Gut: Part Deux

Going with your gut means sometimes having to say you're wrong.

And sometimes having to say it as your husband has to take your 103.3 degree feverish child to Urgent Care when you are 1700 miles away with absolutely no way to be home for at least 14 hours.

After getting checked out, we were told that he tested negative for RSV.

And negative for the flu.

Negative for strep.

Same for a UTI and an ear infection.

So we know what he doesn't have. But we still don't know what he does have.

According to the Ped, there are thousands of illnesses and reasons for a fever, but there are not ways to check for every single one of them. And why not, Mrs. Ped?! Tell me what is wrong with him!!!

He has had a fever off and on since Monday evening - the highest hitting that famed 103.3 and the lowest being 98.3 right as I walk out the door Tuesday morning to go to work.

Yesterday his fever was in the high 102's. . . . except, of course, for when we stopped in at the pediatricians, when it was a solid 98.8. If we weren't using a rectal thermometer, I would be thinking he was doing the old 'thermometer near a light bulb' trick to get out of going to day care.

The ped checked his vitals ("his lungs sound great!") and collected a throat culture and pee sample to send off to a lab. To look for things such as kidney diseases and other throat infections.

Which take 48-72 hours to find. So I'm on fever watch until Friday afternoon (Friday!!!) for the fever to get higher than 104 or for other symptoms to appear. If he hovers around 102-ish, the Ped said not to worry. Ha! That's like telling a fish not to ride a bicycle!

So Bjorn and I are doing our own thing until this mysterious fever disappears. No play dates, no day care, no outings to the gym. Until we figure out what this is - or at least how to get it to go away - then we are staying away from anyone we can give it to.

Looks like I am going to buy some Baby Einstein DVD's to keep the little man occupied!


Erinn said...

Poor little guy! Hope he's on the way to recovery and that it's nothing serious. I can imagine how frustrated you are!

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Oh no! Hope the fever disappears and the ped comes up with some answers!!