Monday, February 22, 2010

Update: Better Body After Baby

My two week update of Fitness magazine's Better Body After Baby Workout.

And. . . I'm not doing too well. I have no willpower with Girl Scout Cookies (love me some samoas!) and I have no motivation to get my butt out of bed and run (which, really, is the only way to get a cardio workout when you have no gym membership).

I did, however, convince two friends (shoutout!!), who also want to get rid of that baby body, to walk in a 5K with me in two weeks. Sports Loving Mama just had a family member have surgery to remove prostate cancer (Benign. Yay!) and since this 5K donates to the American Cancer Society, I figured it would be a good fit. And, hey - its only 5K (3 miles) - anyone can do that, right? We will see. . . . . .

But, for my update - here are my numbers. I'm actually very surprised, considering that one box of tagalongs, one box of thin mints and two pizzas are no longer in my pantry, and somehow I was still able to lose weight. I attribute it to my weight training with a can of enchilada sauce and a super size peanut butter (both 1 lb 12 oz). Why buy weights when you can use what you got??

Weight: 142 (- 4 lbs)
Chest: 36 (- 2 inch)
Waist: 36 (same)
Hips: 40 (same)

I would like to get into the 130's by the beginning of March, but that's one week away, so I think I will actually have to work to get there. Maybe my "training" for the 5K will help. By training I mean, watching others run while I casually stroll along beside them. . . . .


Andrea and Jeff said...

You are one brave mama for posting your numbers on your blog. :) Sounds like whatever you're doing is working. I'll have to try your plan in 5 months or so.

Amber Page Writes said...

Four pounds in two weeks is pretty good. Go you!