Sunday, February 14, 2010

To sleep or not to sleep. . . .

I am terrified of waking my child.

Terrified. Like shiverin' in my boots terrified.

A few nights ago, I wanted to give Little Bjorn a kiss before I left to go to work. I slid into his room, slipping my shoes off so as to lessen the noise, and literally tip-toed across his room to the crib. He made a few grunting noises and I jumped out the door, hiding around the corner, peeking around every few seconds to see if the coast was clear.

This really shouldn't be necessary.

The kiddo can sit through an action/adventure movie with bombs exploding in our high volume surround sound, but the mere whisper of a foot on carpet (or of pants legs rubbing against each other!!) can wake him from a deep sleep.

And then he just screams and screams until we pick him up, where he promptly falls asleep after two seconds in our arms.

The kid's crazy, I'm tellin' you!!

It is making me terrified to go in and see him before I leave for work at times like 3:30 and 4:30 am, because I want to give him a little good-by kiss and pat, but I don't want to leave the Hubs with a screaming baby at oh-dark-thirty. So i just don't say bye. I know he doesn't notice, but I do. And I don't like it.

Is this a phase? Will he soon be able to sleep through a snuggle and a kiss as well as the latest James Bond flick?

And while we're talking about sleep - when will I stop going in at night to check on him? How old will he be before I stop putting my hand on his chest or back to make sure he's still breathing?


Paige said...

should nave bought the graco angel monitor- detecs motion/movement/breathing and goes off if nothing in 15 seconds- gives me such peace of mind- don't ever have to go check on her!!

Andrea and Jeff said...

I still go in and check on Katie before I got to bed. Of course she is always fine but I sleep better seeing it for myself.

John, Becky and Olivia said...

I'm with Andrea. I still go in and check on O, as does J.

Also, I leave every morning without saying goodbye because I don't want to wake her up before J is ready to get her up and take her to the babysitter. I hate it, but it's just easier that way.

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

I don't think you stop checking. I still check on Spence when he is asleep. Unless I can hear him snoring but if I can't, I go in ninja style and have to touch his belly to feel him breathing...