Saturday, February 20, 2010

Questions, questions and then. . . another question

When I became a Mama, I knew that I would become the chief bottle washer and diaper changer. I knew I would become a karaoke machine, singing Bjorn to sleep. I knew I would become a maid, a (literal) cow and a budget analyst.

I just didn't realize I would become a nurse. I didn't know that I would have to diagnose. I didn't know that sick is not cut and dry - sick doesn't show up as a raging fever or a crying monster. It doesn't always throw up gallons or cry rivers of yellow snot. (Painting a pretty picture, eh?)

I knew that my kiddo would get sick. I knew that sometimes I would have to miss work not because I was sick, but because he is.

What I didn't know is that sometimes "sick" is entirely subjective.

Is coughing, but with no fever, too sick to send a kid to daycare?

Does a gurgling chest congestion mean that I shouldn't fly halfway across the country because it is very possible that in a few hours, I will get a call from Mrs. Daycare to pick him up?

It seems that quite often, sick is too sick for daycare but not too sick to go to the doctor.

Maybe it's different because of my job. I can't just cart him off to Mrs. Daycare's, get a call in three hours and pick him up. By that time, I'm in Buffalo and the next flight gets me home nine hours later.

What do you do when your kidlet gets sick? Do you go to work and hope for the best? Stay at home a day or two to watch him? And if there is no fever, but cough, congestion and that nasty yellow nose, is he really sick? Is sick only a fever?


Jen said...

You should ask your daycare provider on what constitutes him being sick enough that he can't come. Most of the time it is just like school. If they have a fever of 100 or over they are to stay at home until their fever is gone for 24 hours. Also if he is throwing up a lot they will not let them come. I would say runny nose and congestion is not a reason to keep him home because it could be allergy's. B's got them bad sometimes. IMO if they are sick enough not to go to daycare or get sent home then they go to the dr. I would rather get them checked out and it be nothing than not take them and they get worse. And because he is in daycare he will get sick more often than if he wasn't just because of all the other germs from others. I always look at it as they are just building their immune system now instead of when they get into school. :)

John, Becky and Olivia said...

Ahh, the joys of mommyhood. To be honest, I always just followed my instinct (most of the time I was right). Of course, there were a couple of times when I took her expecting a phone call from day care. Oh well. What'd you end up doing as far as the dr.?

Preggo said...

No doctor. No work, either, as I couldn't make myself fly far far away - not this week, with the Hubs' schedule! And I'm going on instinct and my instinct says hes not sick, so he's going to daycare tomo. But just in case I'm wrong, I'm not going to go into work. . this will also show me how much Mrs. Daycare will take before she calls. . . . .