Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A letter to remember

Dear Bjorn:

You are growing up so fast! Sometimes when I come home from a three day trip on the road, I sneak a peek in your room and worry that I won't recognize you. Each time I see something new - a sliver of a tooth, the dimple that seems to pop in and out depending on the cheek chubbiness that day. Every day you become less a baby and more a little boy.

You love to crawl and spend your entire day racing from one end of the house to the other. I used to carry you with me whenever I left the room, but now I just holler as I walk down the hall and in a few seconds, I can see your little face peeking around the corner looking for me! You're very fast, and I've learned that I can't turn my back for more than a few seconds!

Right after you mastered crawling, you began trying to pull yourself up to stand. It didn't take long before you mastered that, too! You now would rather stand than sit, crawl than lie down. It makes Mama and Daddy very nervous, but you have shown yourself to be very resilient! You have helped Mama baby-proof the house by pulling newspaper off tabletops, jackets off chair backs and phones and cups (empty, thank God!) off the coffee table. Every day is another chance to break something else!

You have discovered the doggie door, which you love almost as much as you love the Dog. You spend about an hour each day playing with the doggie door. It's only a matter of time before you figure out how to get in and out, and then we are in trouble. For now, you are content to stick your arm outside, bring it back in, giggle, and do it all over again. Hey - whatever keeps you entertained is ok with me!

You can now hold your bottle all by yourself. You are definitely your Daddy's boy, because when you tip that bottle back it is exactly the same way your Daddy tips back his favorite beer. Then chug-a-lug-lug and your formula is gone is less than five minutes!!

You drink between 6-8 oz of formula a feeding - usually feeding 4-5 times a day. Sometimes when you only have 6 ounces, you cry and cry and cry until I refill you another 2-4 ounces. You are one hungry boy! You also eat solid foods three to four times a day. Your favorite is peas, but you are also partial to apples (Or eyeballs, as we call them. You love eating your morning eyeballs and hairs - apples and pears!!).

You began eating Cheerios lately, and your favorite trick is pretending to put them in your mouth, but really dropping them all over your lap. Then, when Mama picks you up out of your high chair, they fall all over the floor and your Dog gets a treat! What a trickster you are!

Depending on the day, all your toys are your favorite toys. But you still love non-toy toys the best! No matter how many baby keys or baby phones Mama buys you, you always like her keys and phone the best! Mama's favorite "toy" to entertain you are two or three plastic hangers, a few different size Tupperware containers and a long wooden spoon. That can keep you happy for hours!

You love watching TV (yes, I have the TV on alot of the time!), but the funniest thing is when Mama is watching The View. No matter what you are doing, when Whoopi talks, you stop and listen. You watch her intently, and nod your head as if agreeing with her! Then you race to the TV, pull yourself up on the media console and just stand there watching her. Looks like you like a woman who can speak her mind!!

We are trying to teach you sign language, and Daddy swears that you know how to sign "milk". I have seen you clench and unclench your fist (the sign for "milk") often, but I'm not sure you know what you're signing yet. We are also trying to teach you the signs for "eat", "Mama", "Daddy", "doggie", "yes", "no", and "all done/finished". You just laugh whenever we sign to you. Glad you think we're so amusing!!

You still don't like taking naps, so I have devised a devious plan to get you to sleep. I will wait to plan all my errands for your naptime, then put you in your carseat and by the time I have made it to the first stop, you are fast asleep. And if you wake up while I'm still out erranding, I just drive the long way to the next stop on my list. Usually you fall back asleep and I can get more done, and you can get a good nap.

Mama and Daddy like putting you in "big boy" clothes the best. We tend to stay away from onesies and rompers (although I think rompers will probably be nice in the summer time.), and always dress you in pants and a t-shirt. Our favorite is your khaki pants and your camo pants. You look just like a mini version of Daddy!

You love being outdoors. When you cry (which isn't often!), we take you outside, and suddenly you're in a great mood! Last week we took you hiking for the first time, and you had a great time. We didn't think it was possible for you to smile and laugh more than you normally do, but boy did you!

You are also a little bit of a daredevil. You love being carried upside down by Daddy, playing SuperBaby on Mama's knees and anything in which you can throw yourself around and make Mama nervous!! I hope this reckless streak continues, and in 18 years, you and I can compete in a show like The Amazing Race. We can win it, I just know it!!

In the nature vs. nurture debate, nature wins when it comes to hand-sucking! Daddy was a thumb-sucker, Mama was a finger-sucker and you, wonderful little boy, are also a finger-sucker. No matter how many times we take those fingers out of your mouth, they always find a way back in! It might have something to do with the fact that you have four teeth poking their sharp little points through your gums, but I also chalk it up to the genetics of being born to two rehabilitated finger suckers.

Bjorn, you make Daddy and I so happy. Yesterday, when you went to daycare and Mama stayed home, the house was so quiet and a little bit lonely. You really have changed our lives - for the much, much better. Homes are made from love, laughter and a mess of toys. Thanks for bringing all of that into ours!

Yours always.



AndBabyWillMake4 said...

So sweet!

Erinn said...

Very sweet! Even though I am not a parent YET, you deserve some ME time every now and then...I have to believe that it makes us better people when we take care of ourselves...especially if you plan on competing in the Amazing Race in the future! ;-P