Friday, February 5, 2010

Help for a Non-Napper

Does anyone else have problems with a non-napping child??

For the last few months I have dealt with this on my own and today decided - I am going to post this to the blog world for help!

Bjorn is 8 months old. Google tells me that the average nap time for an 8 month old is 1 hour, twice a day.

B naps 20-40 minutes twice a day. And has been doing that for the last three months. (Even though google also tells me that a 6 month old should be sleeping 3-4 hours a day!) He also sleeps about 11 hours through the night and since this teething thing has slowed down (yay!), he doesn't wake during that time.

What that means is that while the average mom probably only gets 2-3 hours to herself to clean, bathe, read blogs, eat bon-bons, etc during the day, I get about 45 minutes a day.

Yes, I am completely feeling sorry for myself here. Why? Because it sucks.

Because I sometimes feel guilty about it but I crave 7:30 pm to come around when he starts to sack out and I know I might have some time to do my things soon.

Because I feel that if I had just one hour more a day, I would be a happier and better person.

Because I am pulling my hair out.

I have tried feeding him before a nap to make his belly full. Or feeding him after a nap so he doesn't have any discomfort or gas while he's napping. To play a CD. To put on a humidifier. To turn off all the lights. Turn off all the lights. Have normal noise and activity. Have no noise and activity.

The only way I can get him to nap is to hold him. And although it's sweet and he is definitely at his cutest while sleeping, that still doesn't help me when I really need to shower.

How long does your kid sleep? And what in the hell can I do to get mine to do that?


John, Becky and Olivia said...

Okay, I am going to send you an e-mail on this (and to respond to the one you sent me - thanks btw). O went through the same thing. She sleeps around 3 hours now.

Amber Page Writes said...

Mine goes through that periodically, too. I don't have any great answers, but I find if I repeat her bedtime routine exactly - down to putting her in her sleep sack (but not her pjs), she sleeps a little better.

Good luck.

Paige said...

have you read healthy sleep habits, happy child. callyn was not napping very good at all, i read the book, changed a few things and voila- now she is a GREAT little napper- the most beneficial info i got from it is to avoid OVERTIREDNESS- keeping them awake longer, thinking they will be more tired and sleep better is not how it works- it's actually opposite. "the most common cause of an absent or too-short morning namp is an interval of wakefulness that is too long between wakup and nap" it's a great book- can get cheap on amazon!!

Andrea and Jeff said...

I struggle with the same thing but I have realized that Katie will sometimes go back to sleep if I leave her alone for a while (sometimes up to 30 mins.) I sometimes only get 45 mins out of her as well but then I leave her in her crib for another 20-30 which gives me more mommy time. Don't feel bad about wanting that helps us get through the day! I also use the rule that if she wakes up happy she has probably had enough sleep but if she wakes up crying she is still tired and I will let her be.a

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

My youngest son did the same thing...he just doesn't seem to need the same amount of sleep that the other two did. Hopefully, you'll figure something out that will work for you! I know how exhausting it is!

Tamara said...

allie does the same thing (20 min naps) UNLESS she is tightly swaddled. i feel like the only mom in the world still swaddling a 10-month-old but the girl needs to rest and mama needs a break. She fights the GETTING swaddled part, but as soon as she IS swaddled, she gets that sleepy-relaxed look on her face. Then we rock, put on whit noise ans voila@! she sleeps at least an hour and a half if not 2+. Maybe give it a shot??