Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hard at Work

For those of you wondering, I went on my first three day trip for work this past week.

Not of my own choice. I was on call, playing the odds, and the odds wound up playing me. So I went three long days away from my home, my Husband and my kid.

And what happened?

I got two 9+ hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I took a shower in which not only did I shave my legs, I deep conditioned my hair, luxuriated in hot water I didn't have to pay for, and sang as many Britney songs as I could remember.

I worked out in a very well equipped hotel gym for almost an hour.

I read a book and when I finished that one - I read another.

I ate a meal. A meal with another adult without a small hand greedily reaching for everything on my plate. Granted, the other adult was pregnant, so our entire conversation revolved around babies, but, still, it was an adult meal.

You know what else happened?

Daddy and Bjorn made it. Not without a few mishaps - but those happen to me everyday, too. Perfection is over rated and I don't even strive to come close. I have many mishaps and make many mistakes. And I am sure it is just the beginning. Is it any wonder that Daddy makes mistakes, too? Not at all. It's a learning process called life.

Daddy stayed home with Bjorn on Sunday, grilling meat and hanging out. He took him to daycare on Monday, came home from work, fed him and put him to bed. Ditto for Tuesday. And, barring some major vomit episodes which called for Bjorn getting rinsed off in the kitchen sink under the faucet, they seem to have done pretty well.

He even remembered to give him his medicine every day. Without my reminder. How great is that?

I've heard of moms who worry when their husbands can handle the day-to-day aspects of parenthood. If the Daddy can do it, then what is the Mom really good for?

I am so not one of those moms.

I am the kind of mom who rejoices knowing that Daddy can do it. I am the kind of mom who loves that I am not the only one is completely responsible, and although the maturity hat may sit on my head most of the time, Daddy is fully capable of putting it on if needed. I am the kind of mom who does my job better knowing that I don't have to do it - I choose to do it. I am the kind of mom who does not hesitate to take the time that I need - whether it be to go to the gym, to work, or just to the bathroom.

That's not to say I didn't miss my boys. I did - very much. And going on a three day trip is definitely not my choice of work trips. But if I had to do it once a month, I wouldn't complain (too loudly). I can handle it. And so can Daddy.

***On a completely different note, I am still pumping and breastfeeding sporadically, so I brought my mondo electric two-pumper pump with me on my trip. Going through security was not fun. The first day, it was taken and searched. The second day, it was questioned and I was told the best way to bring it through security. The third day? I had just about had it, so when the 20 year old boy grabbed my bag, I spoke as loudly as I dared. "It's a breast pump. For milk." After the look on his face, I no longer cared if they searched it or not. That shocked/scared/horrified look just about made my day!***


Andrea and Jeff said...

Thanks for the morning laugh about your pump going through security. That's so funny. Glad your time away wasn't so bad.

Paige said...

I have heard lots of bad stories about traveling with a pump! Good for you- Daddy can do it! Although I have to say that you are blessed in a Daddy that WILL. Sad, but true, lots of men won't!