Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Growing Pains

As it happens, babies grow up.

Not all at once. Not even quickly sometimes. But they do. They grow up.

They grow in simple little ways that you might not even notice at first, but then dawn on you like. . . . well, like a sunrise. (Maybe that's why it's called 'dawn'? Hmmmmmm.) At first you notice it, but it's just a little sneak peek. Then, blink-blink, and the sun has risen.

I know, I know. You're thinking. . . "Her baby is, what?, like, 8 months old? What does she know about babies growing up?"

Any Mom can tell you. You can always see your babies growing up.

So what grown-up moment prompted me to notice this?

Bjorn is getting so independent now. I no longer make my daily peanut butter sandwich one-handedly while holding a squirmy wormy on one hip. He crawls around the kitchen, racing from the singing animal magnets on the fridge to the empty aluminum foil roll to the tupperware and wooden spoons. (My kitchen floor gets quite crowded when he's in there!) Then, I get to make a lunch for myself like a normal person - with both hands.

But that wasn't even enough for me to really notice.

Then the sunrise burst into view.

As I'm making lunch today, I hear his little baby hands and knees padding across our hardwood floor. I look down and he's no where to be seen. Following the pitter-patter, I look down the hall, only to see a glimpse of Bjorn as he pads into his room.

On his own.

I followed him into his room and saw that not only had he crawled all the way out of the kitchen, and all the way down the hall, but also all the way across his room. To his toy box. Where he had promptly pulled himself up on the side of it, reached in to grab a few blocks and was now banging them against each other, shouting 'Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da.'

And I saw the day when he would no longer need me around to play with him. The day when he would shut his door when his friends were over because no one wants their Mom to play trucks and Army men.

So I did what any Mama would do.

I crawled over to his toy box, reached in, and grabbed a couple blocks of my own to bang.

When in Rome.

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Amber Page Writes said...

Aww. That made my heart squeeze a little. You hope and you wait and maybe even pray for the day they get a little more independent and then (if you're like me), you want to cry when they do...