Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He almost makes me want to stay a SAHM. . . . almost. . . .

Oh I am such a bad Mommy blogger!

I long to be part of the cool Moms Who Blog club, but seriously people, how in the hell do you have the time?

When Bjorn was first here, I thought 'Man, this is a piece of cake!' Of course, that was when all he did was eat and sleep. Even if he did eat every 2 1/2 hours for 45 minutes each time. That still gave me plenty of time before he woke up.

Now, though? Totally different story.

This kid doesn't sleep. Try two naps today - one at noon and one at 4. Both for only 30 minutes. And when he's not sleeping, he's on the move and has to be watched constantly.

Sigh. Again. This Mom thing is totally not for the weak.

But since The Hubs is at work (still and it is 9 pm!) and the babe is sleeping, I thought I would update ya. But I won't waste your - or my - very precious free time, so you're getting the abbreviated Day in the Life of Me. . .

* Two weeks ago we found an in home daycare that we liked. Took Bjorn there for two days - one 1/2 day and one full day. We then pulled him out of that daycare on the second day. Long story short: They had never met The Hubs and when he came to pick B up, the daycare provider said 'Are you B's Dad?' and when he said yes, she just handed him over. No ID check (as they promised). Hubs never told her his name, nor did he say anything before she asked him if he was B's Dad. That could have been any man who walked up to the door. I imagine the worst - some strange man saying 'Umm. I'm here to pick up my son.' 'Oh, you must be B's dad. Here ya go!' Not ok. Sooooo not ok.

* We then started our daycare search all over again and this time found two - count 'em two - in-home daycares that we love!! We called references, checked them out online and went to interview at their home. LOVE them both, but we had to pick only one, so we picked the provider with very little adult people skills (It was like carrying on a conversation with a rock. And not a cool rock like a Pet Rock. Nope. Just a rock.), but great baby skills. Bjorn starts next Tuesday.

* He has a tooth!! Yup, that's right - an honest-to-God baby tooth. Ok. . . so maybe it's not a whole tooth. But I can definitely see a little bit of white sticking out from his bottom gums. I would love to show you a picture, but it is absolutely impossible to see it for more than a millionth of a second before B sticks his tongue over it and scratches my eyeballs out with his too-long nails. (Someone really should cut those things!!) He also gets this super human baby strength and it is impossible to pry his jaws open to look again.

* He is very much threatening to crawl. I say that he has crawled already, but The Hubs says its not a crawl until he can go forward, not backward. He is verrry close to crawling, so it is a very good thing that we ordered our video camera this week. It's in the mail, and hopefully will get here in time for the big crawl-o-rama!

* On a side note about crawling and daycares, I got a very good perspective from a fellow flight attendant Mommy of a seven month old. She said that she was very upset about leaving her babe with someone else, because she might miss out on some of those first-time milestone moments. To which her mother-in-law said 'So what? He'll do it again!' I paused and decided that I was going to take that view also. That way I don't have to feel quite so guilty about wanting to go to work. And she's right, you know? Sure, that first step is a big deal, and it would be great to be there for it, but I'll see his second. And third. Until I can't even count them anymore. The glass is always half full, right?

* Thanks to the Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Santa, Bjorn cleaned up good for Christmas. He doesn't need toys for at least another six months. Which, coincidentally, is when he turns 1 and will need more presents to celebrate. His fave toys for now? A stacking ring set, a saw from his baby tool box, a baby laptop, blocks, "his" car keys, his Bubba teeth pacifier and, of course, the fleece TTU blanket he sleeps with every night.

It seems there should be more to update, but I think that's it. He's happy (well, actually, he's teething, so he's pretty damn fussy and irritable!), he's healthy and he's growing bigger, cuter and stronger everyday. I call him Popeye. I swear he has little baby muscles!!

Have a great week and I'll try to be a better Mommy Blogger this week. . . . . we'll see how that goes!!


Andrea and Jeff said...

Great update! I am glad you found another provider that you like. Hopefully this will be a better experience. The no ID thing would have been a complete deal breaker for me too.

Jen said...

I would of pulled him out of the day care too! They always asked for ID when someone other than I picked him up especially if it was the first few times. B's daycare knew Matt was his daddy even though he had never been there too but they did make him show ID. Plus if it was someone other than us they made sure their name was on the list of people that were allowed to pick him up.

The crawling thing made me laugh because B went backwards for the longest time too.

John, Becky and Olivia said...

Seriously, do you need me to come over and cut his nails for you!?

Amber Page Writes said...

First of all, the first daycare? Holy crap! Somebody should shut that lady down.

Just you wait till he starts crawling. You will never sit down again, I swear. You think I'd be losing weight, huh?

And you'll always be a cool kid in my book. ;-)

Amber Page Writes said...

P.S. I'm terrified of cutting her nails too. She has daggers, I swear.