Friday, December 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


I don't know how the days keep getting away from me, but they do. How does any Mom ever get anything done? Between the having-to-be-held, the poop explosions and the growth spurt feedings, I haven't even found the time to take a shower, much less shave my legs! I have a newfound respect for anyone trying to do this parenting thing on their own. Whether it be as a single mama or with a spouse in the military, etc., you are my hero. Also a hero - anyone who has ever run an in-home daycare. Patience is a virtue of which I have none.


A friend of mine is going back to school and I am 110% supportive of her (even if others in her life are not). But her going back to school makes me yearn to be back there myself. After three years of saying that I am going to do it, could now finally be the time? I almost feel as if its a waste of money, considering that I am still paying for my other two degrees, and probably will be for a good ten years from now. Do I really need to have three college degrees? But if I finally have direction, wouldn't it be the perfect time to return? It's only going to get harder as the Bambino gets bigger and busier. And, Phoenix is one of like ten universities in the US that happen to carry the program I want. Coincidence? Uh -uh! I think someone is trying to tell me something and I just keep refusing to listen. . . .


Can I just tell you again how much coffee means to me? Mornings wouldn't be half as happy without it. And thank you, also, to Coffee-Mate and International Delight for giving me just the right amount of sugar and sweetness to my cup of mud. You're the best.


Christmas this year is a little odd - at least to me. I want to buy Bjorn all sorts of fun gifts like the ones I always wanted, but I know that this year (and probably next) he will be more interested in the ribbons and paper than anything inside the box. So, besides one gift that I just could not resist, I think we are doing the sensible thing. The responsible thing. Soooooo unlike us. We are going to put money in his college fund. (Either that or buy him a motorcycle. That sounds more like us, right?)


This year, in the spirit of giving from the heart, we are making our Christmas presents. Which is great because I am very crafty and love love love doing stuff like that. Unfortunately, we overestimate our available time and underestimate the hours of work. So my apologies to family, but you are probably getting a nice printout picture of what you will be getting in the future. Does Ann Landers say that a Christmas present works the same as a wedding gift - it's ok to send it up to a year after? Sure hope so!


Today I am chopping off my hair. So you know what that means - this has been the week of the best hair ever. I almost changed my mind about getting it cut until yesterday when Bjorn took a chunk in his greedy little hands, pulled with the might of a very little circus Strong-man and gave me a bald spot any old man would be proud of. I am done. He is not getting his grubby hands on this anymore. I am now one of those moms who have a kid and cut off their beautiful long hair. I understand now! (But - I have very curly hair. So too short would result in an Orphan Annie look. It will not be Pink/Rihanna short, but it will no longer be Carrie Underwood long. We'll see after my visit to the Beauty School - $7 haircuts!!!! - as to exactly how short I am going. These curls are in a student's hands! And thanks for babysitting, Moms Questions!)


No, Bjorn is still not taking a bottle. He will, however, drink out of a sippy cup. His discerning sous chef taste buds won't allow him to drink formula (can't blame him there) or frozen milk (c'mon kid!) but will let him drink freshly pumped milk. And now that he eats alot of solids, it's not quite so bad if I have to leave for a few hours and don't have any fresh milk. He can always have some bananas, green beans and sweet potatoes. Not a bad meal, if you ask me. It's a little inconvenient, but not the end of the world. He will learn eventually to take what he can get.

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AndBabyWillMake4 said...

I am glad I am not the only one that is constantly wondering how single parents manage! I praise them everyday, cause some days I am certifiable!

Hair...mine is the longest it has been in over 10 years. When I went for a trim when Spence was about 3 months I told her to cut it. I was putting it up or wearing it curly and had no time for the straight iron and looking polished. My stylist refused...she said when I came back if I really wanted it cut, she'd do it. I was supposed to go back in October. Here we are in December and I have yet to go but every day I waver between cut it or leave it long. Long wins when I take time to straighten it and it looks fierce. Cut wins when it has been in a curly bun for 3 days...