Tuesday, December 29, 2009


At a Mommy Friend's house this morning, I was being nosy looking around their kitchen, and I picked up a notebook with a cute little boy on the front cover.

"What a cute little boy!! I wish I could get something like this personalized for me."

To which my Mommy friend said "Ummm. . . that IS yours. That's your Christmas present!"

And it was Bjorn on the cover.

And I didn't even recognize him.

I looked again, and thought, "Wow. My kid is really freakin' cute!"

I really thought it was just a cover photo baby!

Good news: I have the cutest baby I've ever seen.
Bad news: I can't even recognize him in pictures!!!

BTW, I love this little notebook. She made it on Snapfish.com and you can, too!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Late Night Woes


Well, it's 11:30 pm and here I am, staring at a computer screen, mindlessly switching from blog-reading to playing games on Facebook.

And, yes, thanks for asking, I AM exhausted and would love to sleep.

Tell that to my running mind, though.

Technically, my first day back at work is tomorrow.

I say "technically" because I won't actually have to go back into work until after the New Year, and probably very few times even then until February.

This is the day I have been looking forward to as much as I have been dreading it. This is the day when I can finally go out in public without an appendage of drool and cries hanging on me and requesting more milk/more hugs/more smiles/more play. This is the time when I can have a conversation with another adult that doesn't revolve around what time he pooped, how much he pooped and exactly which new food it looked like.

This is the day when I leave my kiddo in the hands of someone who may be very capable but who isn't Mama. This is the day when my kid first begins his road to independence and learns to live a little bit of each day without me. This is the day I get on a plane and fly hundreds - if not thousands - of miles away from my boy, when I have only spent a handful of times and few dozen hours away from him.

So I can't sleep.

Because I didn't think it would happen so soon. I didn't think that I would want to stay home. And I still don't. But I don't want to go to work, either - at least my work.

My work that takes me so far away from those who mean the most to me (into the comfort of a quiet hotel room with no crying baby, ringing phone or laundry to fold). My work that takes me away from all the millions of things I really need to be doing (into a well-equipped hotel gym with indoor pool , spa, and a pitcher of chilled cucumber water waiting for me as I leave). My work that has never really fulfilled me, but has always very adequately provided (into a quiet room where, if I applied myself as much as I know I could, I could get great things done for a future that would keep me closer to those I want to be close to).

So, I requested information about a college program tonight. One that would give me great work possibilities close to home. But I would have to go to school a few nights a week for the next two years to complete it.

Another reason I sit here, not sleeping. Do I have the motivation to actually do this? I have been wanting to do this for years. I have talked about it for longer than I care to think about. Yet I keep making excuses to put it off.

I'm already paying for too many (unused) college degrees.

I don't want to leave my kid/Hubs for a few nights a week. (Ironic, considering my job, eh?)

I don't want to be the old chick in the class.

And the most important reason of all:
What if I fail and can't do this? Then what?

All these thoughts tumblin' around in this big ol' head of mine are causing me to stay awake although the baby is sleeping soundly, the Hubs has been fast asleep for hours and the dog is snoring softly.

Along with all these thoughts on my future and my abilities are more anxieties. Day care. Money. Obligations I have made that I wish that I hadn't. Laundry. Bills. My abilities as a Mama. Fitting into my work uniform or having to buy new ones.

Life. In. General.

When I was younger, I used to have Worry People. These are little yarn dolls about the size of a fingernail that fit into a little wooden box. When I had alot on your mind, I would tell each Worry Person one separate worry. Then, when that Worry Person had it, the worry would be off my shoulders and the Worry Person would carry the burden for me, giving me the chance to sleep unburdened. The Worry People would go into their little wooden box at night, and I would place them under my pillow. When I woke up in the morning, the Worry People would be there, but the worries would not.
Like the tooth and the Tooth Fairy.

I think I need to go out and buy me some Worry People.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Week Two

So I am currently in Week Two of looking for the perfect child care center/in home daycare to look after my perfect son.

Week One was anything but a success.

Because out of the ones I have called or visited:

One made me feel as if I was the child.

Two didn't speak English and another had a strong, unfamiliar accent. Asian, I believe.

Five don't accept infants, but I can "call back when he is a year old and walking".

One has space available. . . . in late February.

Two smelled like pee.

All but three are more than $200+ a week. Two of the ones cheaper than that are the ones that smelled like pee.

One would be willing to trade child care for my free flight passes. But they are over 20 miles away and want one pass a week. (I only get one every month or so.)

Eight have yet to return my phone calls.

And a partridge in a pear tree.

I just want a place that is cleaner than my house. With better, more educational toys and with a provider who doesn't watch Law & Order all day like I do. A place where the owner not only has a degree in early childhood education, but who also spends all day on the floor with the kids playing, singing and teaching.

In other words, if I am going to leave my perfect and un-screwed up kid with someone else for 30+ hours a week, I want someone who would be a better Mommy than I am.

Is that really too much to ask?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You Know You're a Mama When. . . .

. . . . at a popular, crowded restaurant, when you smell something rotten, you pick up your baby, hold his butt to your nose and take a long, deep SNIFF.

This is also #1 on the Top Ten list of Things I Never Ever Though I Would Do.

Friday, December 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


I don't know how the days keep getting away from me, but they do. How does any Mom ever get anything done? Between the having-to-be-held, the poop explosions and the growth spurt feedings, I haven't even found the time to take a shower, much less shave my legs! I have a newfound respect for anyone trying to do this parenting thing on their own. Whether it be as a single mama or with a spouse in the military, etc., you are my hero. Also a hero - anyone who has ever run an in-home daycare. Patience is a virtue of which I have none.


A friend of mine is going back to school and I am 110% supportive of her (even if others in her life are not). But her going back to school makes me yearn to be back there myself. After three years of saying that I am going to do it, could now finally be the time? I almost feel as if its a waste of money, considering that I am still paying for my other two degrees, and probably will be for a good ten years from now. Do I really need to have three college degrees? But if I finally have direction, wouldn't it be the perfect time to return? It's only going to get harder as the Bambino gets bigger and busier. And, Phoenix is one of like ten universities in the US that happen to carry the program I want. Coincidence? Uh -uh! I think someone is trying to tell me something and I just keep refusing to listen. . . .


Can I just tell you again how much coffee means to me? Mornings wouldn't be half as happy without it. And thank you, also, to Coffee-Mate and International Delight for giving me just the right amount of sugar and sweetness to my cup of mud. You're the best.


Christmas this year is a little odd - at least to me. I want to buy Bjorn all sorts of fun gifts like the ones I always wanted, but I know that this year (and probably next) he will be more interested in the ribbons and paper than anything inside the box. So, besides one gift that I just could not resist, I think we are doing the sensible thing. The responsible thing. Soooooo unlike us. We are going to put money in his college fund. (Either that or buy him a motorcycle. That sounds more like us, right?)


This year, in the spirit of giving from the heart, we are making our Christmas presents. Which is great because I am very crafty and love love love doing stuff like that. Unfortunately, we overestimate our available time and underestimate the hours of work. So my apologies to family, but you are probably getting a nice printout picture of what you will be getting in the future. Does Ann Landers say that a Christmas present works the same as a wedding gift - it's ok to send it up to a year after? Sure hope so!


Today I am chopping off my hair. So you know what that means - this has been the week of the best hair ever. I almost changed my mind about getting it cut until yesterday when Bjorn took a chunk in his greedy little hands, pulled with the might of a very little circus Strong-man and gave me a bald spot any old man would be proud of. I am done. He is not getting his grubby hands on this anymore. I am now one of those moms who have a kid and cut off their beautiful long hair. I understand now! (But - I have very curly hair. So too short would result in an Orphan Annie look. It will not be Pink/Rihanna short, but it will no longer be Carrie Underwood long. We'll see after my visit to the Beauty School - $7 haircuts!!!! - as to exactly how short I am going. These curls are in a student's hands! And thanks for babysitting, Moms Questions!)


No, Bjorn is still not taking a bottle. He will, however, drink out of a sippy cup. His discerning sous chef taste buds won't allow him to drink formula (can't blame him there) or frozen milk (c'mon kid!) but will let him drink freshly pumped milk. And now that he eats alot of solids, it's not quite so bad if I have to leave for a few hours and don't have any fresh milk. He can always have some bananas, green beans and sweet potatoes. Not a bad meal, if you ask me. It's a little inconvenient, but not the end of the world. He will learn eventually to take what he can get.

Head over to Conversion Diary for lots more quick takes. While you're there, read a little about her life and conversion to Catholicism. Really cool.

Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the homemade burpcloths and blanket is:

Jen B!

An email has been sent to the winner, but I still need your address. Please contact me so I can send you your gift!

Friday, December 4, 2009

First things first

In Phoenix, I am not sure it has even rained since B was born.

Maybe once. And then for only five minutes.

But, today, in Houston, he went outside and for the first time in his wee little life, he was snowed on.

Yup, that's right. The earliest snow that has ever fallen on Houston is this weekend.

Happy snow day, B. Soon you will have to take off your hat and cute little bomber jacket and go back to the 65 degrees that is December in Phoenix.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giveaway: One-of-a-kind Burpcloths and Baby Blanket

I’ve noticed that many MB’s (Mommy Bloggers) have a Blog-versary. A celebration of the day they first began to waste Baby’s naptime with yet more Mommy talk via their laptop.

And I’m sure that I could go back through months and months of blogs - getting caught down memory lane, much like when I reread my junior high diaries- to find out exactly when it was that I first started my blog, but if you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you probably know one thing about me.

I’m lazy.

(Oh yeah, I’m cheap, too. And not in the hooker way. In the I-buy-everything-at-consignment-stores kind of way. So now you know two things about me.)

I won’t pretend I remember dates well; when Hubs and I were merely ’having a good time’, I never kept track of special days. I don’t know our first date, our first kiss or the first time he turned down a beer with the guys to hang out with me.

I do, however, remember our wedding date. Whew.

Anyway. . . . .

So, because I am too lazy to check my Blog-versary date, and because we all need something to celebrate - today is a celebration of Bjorns’ Half Birthday.

Yup, that’s right. Baby Boy Bjorn is 6 months old today!

And in honor of my being able to keep a baby thriving (17 pounds) and happy (cries only when I try to give him a bottle) for the last 6 months YOU have the chance to win in this - my first giveaway!

How cool is that? I learn how to change diapers and sing lullabies that begin with “99 bottles of milk on the wall” and you get to win something.

What do you win? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Just in time for Christmas, you can win this one-of-a-kind baby girl blanket and two matching burp cloths!!

How do I know this is a one-of-a-kind? Because unlike many of those Big Bad Baby Companies, I do not out-source my work. I painfully sew and cut each piece myself. (And, why, yes, I do sell blankets, burp clothes and other baby accessories. )

And, since I have given and sold no more than two dozen homemade creations, I know that no one has anything even remotely like this. It’s an original. A Bun in the Toaster Original. How lucky can you get?

Is it perfect? Not even close. But if you are looking for the perfect gift, I suggest you head over to your neighborhood mall and buy a snugg.ie. But if you are looking for something homemade - something with charm and warmth and something that says ‘You get a gift that is a little bit extra special. Yours is homemade.’ - if you are looking for that, then this may be your lucky day.

This would be the perfect gift for any baby girl. (Or boy, I guess. If real men wear pink, does that mean that real boys snuggle up in purple? You decide!) With a satiny edging, four different fabrics for that added tactile stimulation, and a backing of soft fleece, this blanket is designed to be every babies favorite “lovey”. The matching burp cloths are an added bonus; one of absorbent fleece for those heavy spit-up days and the other adorable in flowers of blue, purple and green.

The blanket measures 25 inches X 20.5 inches and all materials have been pre-washed.

I will pick the winning entry by deciding who I like the most. And by who makes the best brownies. (Just kidding. I will be using Random.org, so don’t think that you can send me boxes of brownies in the hopes of winning. But you can always try. I’m a sucker for brownies. )

Here’s how to enter:

1) Tell me the favorite homemade gift you have given or that you have received.

2) Sing Happy Half-Birthday to Bjorn. After all, it is his day.

3) Follow my blog via Google friend.

4) Link to this giveaway on your blog.

5) Link to this giveaway on face book.

You MUST leave a separate comment for each thing you do to receive credit for the extra entries. And for you newbies, if you link to face book/your blog, you must tell me that you did so in a comment. (I didn’t realize this when I first started entering contests and would just assume there was some kind of cool tracker thing that showed that I linked up from my blog. There isn’t. At least that I know.)

Sorry, mates, but this is for those in the US of A only.

Giveaway closes on Thursday December 10. Plenty of time. If God can make all the earth and all the animals and all the trees and plants and you and me in a mere seven days, then you can find the time to enter this giveaway in the same amount of time.

If your email is not on your Blogger profile, please leave it with your comment. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. And then you will lose out on this awesome opportunity. So don’t forget to leave me your email address and then check your email people!

Good luck and may the best brownies man win!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just another milestone kind of day

Oh these "milestone moments" - they just never stop!

Bjorn stood up by himself today. By himself!!

Of course, he was holding onto the edge of the ottoman to keep his balance. And I was waiting with arms outstretched.

But he was standing.

Like a big boy.


He's on the move!

So it's not really a crawl.

It's more of him pushing himself onto all fours and then scooting backwards. And in circles. And sideways. Every which way except forward.

I left the living room this morning for one minute. (I swear - it was only a minute!) When I left, B was on his play rug in the middle of the room surrounded by toys.

When I came back one minute later he was in the corner of the room, trying to frog-kick himself even further.

That is a span of over 10 feet.

He's on the move.

And there is no way I'm ever going to get anything done now!