Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I don't really do things like this.

Ok, so I've never actually done something like this.

But here I am, doing it today.


What's that in the middle of my blog? It's a shortcut to a Kindle reader giveaway. For each person that enters this giveaway through my blog, I get an extra entry into the contest.

(How they track this stuff, I have no clue! But I was an English Lit major, not computer science. I'm sure some 20-something now-millionaire devised some software that handles giveaways and such. . . . )

Even after begging, I still have not received any free stuff from any BBBC (Big Bad Baby Companies). But other people do, so I spend Bjorn's naptime entering contests on all the Mommy blogs I stalk. This Kindle giveaway is just one of many that I am hoping to win. (And NO I am not telling you all my giveaways, as then you might enter and I would have one LESS chance of winning! The only reason I'm telling you about the Kindle is because each time YOU enter, I get entries. It really is all about me.)

My friend M&M has already won something on a Blogging contest and I am so jealous! I wanna win, too!!

But I digress. Back to the Kindle.

Like I said, I normally don't post giveaway stuff on my blog, leaving it to more important information. Such as the state of Bjorn's poop. Or whether I found my perfect boots (which I finally did!).

But this is the Kindle, y'all.

This is the mecca of traveling book lovers.

Although nothing can replace the smell of a brand new book, and nothing is better than sinking into a mountain of pillows, turning page after page in anticipation, I yearn for the Kindle. I will soon be going back to flight attendanting, and I need the lightness the Kindle offers.

Oh, wait. You don't know what the Kindle is?

Let me tell you all about it. Better yet, just go here and Wikipedia will do all the work for me.

Pretty much, it is an electronic handheld reader that can store gazillions of books, magazines and newspapers so that, while you will have to turn off this electronic device during takeoff and final descent, you will not have to pack five books (mystery, sci-fi, non-fiction, popular fiction, thriller) for a weekend trip. As I have been known to do.

So help a sister out, click on this link and help me add entries in this contest. I really don't ask for much. Why not this one little thing??

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