Monday, November 30, 2009

A picky eater

I already have it all figured out.

Bjorn will attend Texas Tech University, just like his Daddy and I. Only I will have to be there also - so, I'll be his dorm RA and he can live in Coleman dorms (the co-ed ones) like I did, and that way


After two absolutely miserable days of trying to get him to take a bottle in any way, shape or form, we are at our wit's end. I think this kid is going to be breastfeeding forever.

I know, I know. It's only been two days. But two days of him screaming and writhing as if he is in such pain merely because we held a bottle near his face. Two days of him crying so hard he gives himself the hiccups, doesn't eat for over 6 hours because we are trying to make a point that he gets the bottle or nothing and two days of finally giving in because the only thing that stops his crying is letting him nurse.

Yes, I gave in.

You would have, too. Admit it.

I know what most of you are thinking (because I have already received this advice over and over). Don't do anything but feed him the bottle and he will take it when he's hungry. By doing that Mama needs her own bottle when the whole ordeal is over. Bjorn gets hungry and then he gets mad and then he WAILS and then there is no stopping him. It's one of the traits he got from Daddy.

We first tried breast milk that had been frozen and defrosted. After three hours of screaming and refusing, I tasted it to find that it may have been a little sour. Not bad, mind you. But something didn't taste right.

So then I took freshly pumped milk and put that in his bottle. Fresh as in pumped-in-the-last-three-hours fresh. Very fresh. (And just to make sure there, I tasted that, too.)

He refused it.

We tried Mama giving it to him. Then Daddy tried. Daddy tried while I left the room so he couldn't see me and - as some Mommy bloggers put it - "get confused". We switched bottles and nipples. We sat him upright and laid him in a nursing position. We gave him the bottle to explore and play with, to familiarize himself. We tried room temperature and warm. We tried pre-mixed formula. And mixing our own formula.

And overwhelmed both him and us.

But what are we to do? Daddy is working everyday and night this week, so I am on my own with him. We should have started this bottle thing sooner, but the days crept up on us faster than we expected. This weekend Bjorn will be baby-sat by Grandma and Grandpap while I head out for my friend's wedding festivities. So he will have to take a bottle. And I have to go back to work soon.

And, like all Mommies everywhere have said, I am sure that when he gets hungry enough, he will eat. He has eaten from a bottle before, and while he seems to throw up much more, he still at least takes it.

I just feel bad that I will be leaving Bjorn with Grandma and Grandpap knowing that he is going to scream and wail until they can finally shove a bottle in his mouth. At least they have been through this before. They know that babies cry. And I know that at over 17 pounds, Bjorn will not be starving. He is an eater like his Daddy and will eat when he's hungry.

Even if that means letting Grandma and Grandpap deal with his crying all day.


Meg said...

my nephew didn't like the bottle either. my sister went as far as buying a nipple that LOOKED like a breast. it was awesome! can't remember if it worked but i was awesome all the same.

Preggo said...

we even thought about creating a bottle - not just a nipple - that looks like a boob!! Anything to get him to stop crying and to get me to able to leave the house!

Sarah said...

My best friend's baby refused the bottle too... They had to skip the bottle and go straight for the sippy cup. He took the sippy cup at around 5 months... It was a little messy at first, but he didn't flip his little lid at it. Before the sippy cup he would refuse everything but solids while at the baby sitters house twice a week. Good luck!!!

Tamara said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I have no advice but I feel for you. The sippy cup sounds like a good plan, like your friend Sarah suggested... Be praying for you!

Ashley & Kevin said...

what about getting him onto a cup instead? like Sarah said- Lukas won't take a bottle, never would, & did the same thing, scream his head off. I put him on a sippy cup to see what he'd do & he took to it right away. My advice is to try the nuby one with the softer nipple.

It might also help too that when you aren't in the house, because trust me, they can smell your milk, he might want it!

TheHartleyKiddo said...

I feel your pain. We are having the same problem with Reece. I've been giving in hoping that one day she'll give in! Let me know what works for you! Good Luck!

Pearl said...

TJ never ever took a bottle either. And I tried everything. Different bottles, nipples, temps, freshnesses, positions, me, daddy, the mailmain (not really). Tried the sippy cup, tried a little tiny cup, tried a spoon. Tried her being very hungry, not so hungry, barely hungry, mildly hungry. Nothing.

But then again, I would cave after less than 20 minutes... and we didnt even try something other than boob until she was 3 months (thanks to the advice of our wise pedi, hmph!) I finally just gave up. But honestly once she hit 6months and was regularly eating solids, it wasn't an issue any more.

Hang in there, it will work out, it always does. :o)

AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Yep, no bottle here and we are at 10 months. So I skipped the bottle and now Spence uses a sippy cup. But he's never had breast milk in a cup but I think you should try it! Are you on solids yet?