Friday, November 13, 2009

No Babies Allowed

I've never liked signs that read 'No boys allowed' or 'Girls only'.

Even the Little Rascals, with the He-Man Woman Haters Club, strikes a sour note for me.

I would much rather slosh beer and lick chicken wing sauce off my fingers than sip tea and eat dainty cucumber "sandwiches". And maybe there is a guy out there who would rather discuss fashionable hemlines so I can watch a football game. So you can't say that men are allowed because they like certain things and women don't and yadda yadda yadda.

And I just don't like anything that lets some people in and keeps others out. It's not fair. It's not right.

So I was especially upset today during my bridesmaids dress search (short story version - I'm the maid of honor and pick my own dress) to find that this huge warehouse that is most definitely housing my perfect dress does not allow babies.

**Life screeches to a halt.**

Yes, that is right. Does not allow babies.

They even had a sign saying "No infants or children past this point." This point being the moment you enter the store.

Then I was told that they allow children in the dressing rooms, but not on the sales floor, so I would not be able to see, touch or smell any of the thousands of dresses. I was not allowed to casually stroll around until I gasped "Oh!" and gave a little sigh at finding the perfect dress. I was to wait patiently in the dressing room while they brought dress after dress of exactly the opposite of what I told them I wanted.

So I guess they meant it in a keep-your-grubby-hands-off-my-designer-dress kind of way.

But, then, they are still discriminating against all infants and children, while not all children are dirty or grabby. Some - like my 5 month old - are fast asleep in a baby stroller, where even if he was to wake up and begin grabbing for the latest chiffon one-shoulder number, his arms don't reach.

I was so stunned by the sheer arrogance of the "customer serviceperson" (because, really, there was no customer service here) when she asked "Don't you have someone else who can watch him?" after I had driven the 45 minutes across town, that I never even asked why they don't allow children. I am only assuming the dirty hand thing, because, really, what other reason could there be?

I take my child everywhere. He has gone to professional hockey games and a high school football game. He goes to the mall, the grocery store - even out for a nice sushi dinner. Our closest family is 2000 miles away and I am not doling out $50 to a baby-sitter when my son is perfectly and completely portable. Where I go, so goes my son.

If you don't like that, you don't get my business. You don't get the $200 I will shell out for a dress. You do not get the pleasure of selling me a dress. You do not get my good recommendation. You get just the opposite. Click here to find out exactly where not to spend that well-earned money.

Whether it be sex, race or age, discrimination sucks.

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AndBabyWillMake4 said...

Wow...just wow. You should see if this business is on Yelp and leave a review there!