Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's the best time of the day

As the day for me to go back to work keeps creeping closer and closer, I'm trying to enjoy every last moment of being a SAHM.

I still very much miss adult conversation and no-baby time, but I know that those days will come soon. And then, I am sure that all I will want is to be home with Bjorn.

So I am taking more time to do the things I know I will miss, as he gets older and as I prepare to head back to work.

Today's favorite SAHM moment:

He was fighting sleep in every single sleep position that usually works. No crib, no magic chair, not even rocking in my arms. After 15 minutes of crying and eye-rubbing, I finally tried lying on the couch with Bjorn lying backwards on my chest.

In less than 30 seconds, he was fast asleep.

Instead of thinking of all the millions of things that always need to be done, I spent the next 45 minutes alternating between catnapping and watching Law & Order. All with Bjorn's 17 pounds snuggled sweetly against me.

Best 45 minutes of my day. Hands down.


Tamara said...

Sweet. That sounds like an awesome 45 minutes.

Btw, I think babies across the planet fought sleep today. I think they had some kind of baby agreement, or internal programming or something. You are the 3rd or 4th mom I know, including me, whose baby wouldnt sleep...

Paige said...

so sweet!! my favorite time too!!! are you going back to flying??